The Journey to my 200th Marathon

On 3rd June of this year, Pam Storey reached a remarkable milestone: just days after her 70th birthday, she ran her 200th Marathon! Here she tells us about her incredible journey.

Picture from The Journey to my 200th Marathon

Having never done any sport in my younger days I decided to start running in 1983, primarily to keep fit. After running a few ‘fun runs’, 10 mile races, and Half Marathons, I I ran my first full Marathon in 1986 in a relatively slow time of 4:23:25. I was very pleased with myself! I then got involved with a group of people known as the 100 Marathon Club and continued to run more races of Marathon distance and longer.

I joined Serpentine Running Club in 1999, when I started running Ultras having met Hilary and Jan at races. As I live in West Sussex, I don’t get a chance to train with the club but some of you will know me, as I have helped at the Last Friday 5k a few times, looking after the bags.

I continued to regularly run Marathons around the UK and Europe and I ran my 100th Marathon in Dublin in 2006. I also run Ultra Marathons, with distances up to 100 miles.

This brings me to a really special event that took place recently, just a few days after my 70th birthday - I ran my 200th Marathon!

I love WW2 British aircraft, particularly the Lancaster Bomber, and the 16th - 17th of May this year was the 75th anniversary of Operation Chastise, The Dambusters’ Raid. It seemed like a good time to run a special Marathon!

Therefore, on 3rd June at Reculver on the Kent coast (where Barnes Wallis tested the bouncing bombs), I ran my 200th Marathon in the Dambusters’ Challenge.

It was a very warm, sunny day and I had not run for a month as I had a slight muscle tear in my right calf which, thank goodness, was healed in time for the race. However, my lack of fitness showed and I jog/walked to complete the race in 6:38:06. Job done….

I wonder if my total is a Serpentine record? (Report & photo by Pam Storey)

Submitted: 3 July 2018