Summer League - Second fixture - 5M - Headstone Manor, 17th June 9:30

Woopee! The Summer League second fixture is nearly here! More racing, more cakes and more crazy relay fun! So, Sunday, we are heading over to Headstone Manor Park in Harrow at the usual start time of 9:30am.

Picture from Summer League - Second fixture - 5M - Headstone Manor, 17th June 9:30

Bring your Serpie vest and enter on the day. Guests are also welcome at the bargain price of £2, if you want to impress your relatives/friends/neighbours/tinder dates... with your excellent taste in Sunday morning races, bring them along!

All abilities are welcome, these races attract a broad range of paces, so no-one will feel left out.

Come dressed to run.

The timetable for fixtures starting at 9:30 is:

  • 9:30 Main race
  • 10:35 Tenderfoot
  • 10:50 Fun Run
  • 11:00 Relays

We are always hunting for willing relay team members which involves just doing your best to run round a set of cones for approx. 3-400 metres, usually with tired legs and stomachs full of picnic food, but lots of fun! These relays win us loads of points, so runners of any ability are much appreciated by our team. 

Lunch, in the form of sandwiches and cakes, is provided by the hosting club. Trophies are awarded at the end of the year for individuals in their age categories based on their best three performances in the five races.

More information including directions are available at

You can see all the races on the Serpie race planner:

And information on the Serpie Summer League page:

You can contact the Serpie Summer League team by emailing: 

We hope to see you there for round two!

Submitted: 11 June 2018