Changes to the Thursday Sessions at Battersea Park

We are making a few changes to the coached sessions on Thursday evenings in Battersea Park led by Beate Vogt and Nick Barberis.

The sessions are intended to be complementary with other Serpentine track session held on Monday and Tuesday and will be mostly longer Lactate Threshold pace intervals interlaced with hill, fartlek, 10k and marathon paced sessions depending on the time of year and goals of the runners. Most of the sessions consist of timed intervals and so are suitable for ANY pace and ability (nobody will be last or holding anyone up) and ideal for experienced and novice runners.  That said that we would advise anybody new to speed sessions to have done a few weeks of at least three runs per week, to ensure their body is prepared for harder workouts to avoid injuries: please do get in contact with the coaches (link above) if you have any doubt about this.


We meet at the Battersea Millenium Arena reception. You do not have to pay for the use of the track, but please use the facilities of the Battersea Millenium Arena to store your valuables: the price is £3.00 and covers the use of the changing facilities including lockers and showers.


Each session will start at 7pm and typically consists of a brief explanation followed by a group warm-up involving dynamic exercises and drills designed to improve your running and to get you ready for the sessions itself. Ideally, you will have run 1 to 2 miles warm-up easy jog before 7pm. The session will be held in the park and will consist of variable distance/time at mixed pace.

More details on the session itself, its suitability, and more personalised advice can be gained by emailing Beate and Nick. If you're new to the session, please seek out one of the coaches before the session starts. Full details of the programme are on the website and are also sent to the mailing list each week. Between May and July we will focus on preparing the Summer Gran Prix races without forgetting the beginning of marathon preparation for those running a longer race in the autumn.


Tom Poynton

Endurance Running


Submitted: 9 May 2017