A big THANKS to our Vets match helpers

A big thank you to all our Serpie officials and volunteers from last night's Southern Vets athletics match.

Thank you to all our Serpie officials and volunteers from last night's Southern Vets athletics match:

Malcolm French, David Lipscomb, Thom Martini, Natalia Ubysz, Ilona Bagi, George Allan, Sarah Mackenzie, John Cullinane, El O'Connor, Josie Hart, Laura Carmichael, Emile Mardacany, Sammy Li, Philip Dee, Sarah Pemberton, Inger Brandsma, Samuel Jide-Banwo, Jilian Convey, Chris Convey, Debbie Shipley, Margaret King, Faye Barrett and Richard Innes.

The match was well attended and everyone's support was much appreciated in helping the event run smoothly.

The next event Serpentine are hosting is the Rosenheim League at Battersea track on Wednedsay 28th June, so whether you enjoyed last night and want to help again, or would like to try volunteering at an athletics match for the first time, drop me an email on races@serpentine.org.uk

Meanwhile, if you were inspired by our Vet's strong performance last night, there is a Rosenheim match tomorrow night (Wednesday 10th May) and a Southern Athletics League meeting on Sunday 21st May and the team captains are looking for more competitors of all standards. Their contact details and information about the meetings can be found on the athletics pages of the Serpentine website.

Daisy Gladstone

Serpentine Race Organisation

Submitted: 9 May 2017