Serpies complete recce of entire Green Belt Relay route

Many thanks to James Edgar for bringing his great idea to run all of the stages of the Green Belt Relay route as social trail runs to fruition.

Picture from Serpies complete recce of entire Green Belt Relay route

James and a band of Serpies started out on stage 1 from Hampton Court on Sunday 12 July 2015 and today they completed the 22-stage, 220-mile route, with a lovely route, following the Thames from Walton to Hampton Court and up to the Hawker Leisure Centre.

Plenty of Serpies have taken part in one or more of these runs and a select, but hardy few, managed all the stages. On the way they encountered fallen trees blocking the way, mud, sunshine and plenty of smiles and cake.

Many thanks James for introducing lots of Serpies to these beautiful routes. Don't forget that sign up for the 'official' Green Belt Relay Serpentine teams is open and we're especially keen to have people who can drive signing up! And to hear more about the great social trail runs that you can do with Serpentine, sign up for the Trail Running mailing list.

Catharine Sowerby

Submitted: 12 March 2017