Early bag room closure & changes to runs & spin on Wed 28 Sept

On 28 September, as it is the night of the club's AGM, there will be changes to the usual Wednesday night runs and spin class and the bag room will close earlier than usual

On 28 September there will only be an early 2 Parks run (no 3 Parks or long runs). The 2 Parks run will set off at 6.30pm.

The bag room will close at 7.35pm. This is to give people time to get to the Victory Services Club in time for the start of the club's AGM at 8pm.

The spin class will start early, at 6.30pm, so spinners can retrieve belongings from the bag room before it closes at 7.35pm and get to the AGM.

Sally Hodge

Submitted: 8 September 2016