Life membership awarded to Alex Elferink

At the summer party on Saturday I had the pleasure of presenting the 27th Life Membership of our club, on behalf of the Committee.

Picture from Life membership awarded to Alex Elferink

Alex Elferink has been a member of Serpentine RC for over 11 years and on the Committee for many of these. His contribution to the triathlon side of the club has been immense and through his leadership the triathlon squads and many training and coaching sessions have been set up. Thanks to his work we have the accreditation of the British Triathlon Star Mark. He is also heavily involved in other aspects of the club, as well as being an accomplished cyclist and Ironman himself.

Many thanks to Alex for all his work, the club is very grateful for everything he does - a very well deserved Life Membership.

Jennifer Bradley
Honorary Chairman

Submitted: 4 July 2016