Southern 12 and 6 stage team results

Excellent racing on a new course at Gravesend, saw our men's team finish 11th and qualify for the nationals, and our women's teams finish 13th and 26th.

With a late switch of venue, an earlier date, and a clash with Lanzarote our 12 and 6 stage teams were under-strength compared to most years but we showed our 'strength in depth' by still achieving some excellent results.

  • Men A: 11th in 3:28:42
  • Men B: incomplete unfortunately
  • Women A: 13th in 1:55:59
  • Women B: 26th in 2:08:46

Richard Phillips, Marta Bagnati, Natasha Sheel and Xavier Gruot produced the fastest times for men's and women's long and short legs. Our men's team have qualified for the national 12 stage race in Sutton Park on 16th April and we'll take at least two women's teams as well.

The new multi-lap course at Gravesend was easy to get to (for us - I'm not sure about other clubs!) and provided good facilities for spectators. It was also somewhat hillier than the Milton Keynes course.

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Submitted: 22 March 2016