6pm Tuesday entry deadline for the Southern cross country champs

6pm this Tuesday is the deadline to sign up for the the South of England cross country championships (the Southerns) which take place on Saturday 27th January at Stanmer Park, Brighton. This is a hard deadline as I have to get the entries in that night, so  get your entry in to me TODAY! Everything you need to know is in the news story.

Picture from 6pm Tuesday entry deadline for the Southern cross country champs

Race details

Saturday 27th January 2018 at Stanmer Park, Brighton.


  • Under 15 Boys 4500 metres 11:00 am (Ages 13 & 14 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 13 Girls 3000 metres 11:20 am  (Ages 11 & 12 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 13 Boys 3000 metres 11:35 am (Ages 11 & 12 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 15 Girls 4000 metres 11:50 am  (Ages 13 & 14 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 17 Men 6000 metres 12:10 pm  (Ages 15 & 16 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 20 Women 6000 metres 12:40 pm (Ages 17, 18 & 19 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 17 Women 5000 metres 1:05 pm (Ages 15 & 16 on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Under 20 Men 8000 metres 1:30 pm      (Ages 17, 18 &19 on 31st Aug 2017)


  • Senior Women 8000 metres 2:05 pm     (Age must be 20 or over on 31st Aug 2017)
  • Senior Men 15000 metres 2:50 pm        (Age must be 20 or over on 31st Aug 2017)
PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING - for senior men, times will stop being counted 90 minutes after the race start. Under 13 Girls & Under 13 Boys must be at least 11 years the old on the day of the Competition. Athletes may compete only in their own age group. Medals will be awarded to the first three individual runners, first 6 members of the first three men's teams and first 4 members of the first 3 teams for all other races.

Overnight trip - Sign up required

All the details about the Serpie trip are on the website including a link to sign up. Registration closes on 6pm Tuesday 12th December, or when the trip is full.

Please note ONLY train travel with the group on one of the two designated trains is covered as part of the trip. If you wish to travel on any other train, you need to book your own tickets and these won't be eligible for the group subsidy.

The organisers have also asked clubs to inform their athletes that there is no parking at the venue nor in the University of Sussex grounds. Everyone is being urged to use public transport.

Race entries

If you're going on the Serpie trip

I will take everyone's name from the sign up for the trip and enter them for the race, so you don't need to contact me to enter.

If you're travelling independently

You will need to email me, Lisa Pettit the following details before 6pm on Tuesday 12th December:

  • Your full name as registered on the Serpie database
  • Your date of birth
  • Your England Athletics registration number

Regardless of how you're travelling, if you haven't registered with England Athletics please sign up and pay via your Serpiebase page. SEAA check these details THOROUGHLY and if your membership is not up to date you can't race and won't get a refund on your trip.

If anyone has any questions about entering, please email me at lpserpie330@googlemail.com and I'll be happy to help you.
Thanks very much
Lisa Pettit
Cross Country Team Manager

Submitted: 21 November 2017