Prevention and Management of Common Running Injuries

7pm 15th October at the Seymour Centre

Sign-ups are now open for a presentation by Huub Habets and Lynsey Ellis from Pure Sports Medicine that will cover the prevention and management of common running injuries. This event will take place at 7pm on Monday 15th October at the upstairs conference room in the Seymour Centre. Please sign up in the Serpentine events calendar here, click on 'add to my events' and if possible please say in the notes section if you have anything specific you would like to cover.

The evening will focus on rehabilitation principles and management techniques to aid in prevention of injuries, help to optimise performance and enhance your recovery. The speakers will address various aspects of running using a multidisciplinary team approach from both a Physiotherapy and Soft Tissue Therapy perspective.

The presentation will be aimed at all running abilities, from beginner to advanced competitor and will be followed by a Q&A session. We expect to finish by 8:30pm.

The aim is to minimise the time you spend away from running due to injury, provide rehabilitation advice for the common injuries we see in clinic, analyse the different phases of running by looking at running re-training methods and how this may impact performance and injury risk. Finally, how strength, conditioning and soft tissue maintenance can help in recovery and performance.

Tom Poynton

Submitted: 5 September 2018