SAL team promoted to division 2!

After winning our home match at Battersea, Serpentine are now guaranteed promotion to division 2 of the Southern Athletics League.

A large team of athletes, officials and helpers made our home match a successful one. The team comfortably won against Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC, Peterborough AC, Huntingdonshire AC and Mornington Chasers. This guarantees that we will be promoted to division 2 next season - a fantastic result!

Daisy Gladstone did a great job of organising it all and of course it couldn't have happened without all our officials and helpers so many thanks to them.

Officials: Malcolm French, Ian Hodge, Sally Hodge, Nick Barberis-Negra, Charles Lescott, Angie Lescott, Thom Martini, Sarah Mackenzie, Andrew Maynard, Natalia Ubysz, John Cullinane, Steph Vaatz, Sammy Li and George Allan.

Other helpers: Bev Thomas, Milan Misak, Liz Wynn, Bart Porzuczek, Tash Sheel, Katie Williams, Glenn Hughes, Sam Day, Sophia Holder and Philip Dee.

A number of people from other clubs also thanked us for the fantastically generous spread of sandwiches, cakes, etc., so a special thank you to everyone who baked, or even just took a detour via the shop for some biscuits, it was all appreciated.

Full results will appear on later this week, once any corrections have been processed.

Submitted: 21 August 2016