Club 5k championship decided

Vanrisch McClean (15:53), Helen Gray (17:54) and Andrew Reeves (86.9%) are the club 5k champions after the race in Battersea Park on Thursday evening.

89 Serpies ran in the club championship 5k on a pleasant evening in Battersea Park. Helen Gray made it four wins out of four to win the Grand Prix and we had our fourth new winner in the men's race, with Vanrisch McClean  crossing the line first in a pretty close race, which had four men finishing within 6 seconds of each other.

Race results

Thanks very much to all the Serpies who helped, without whom the races couldn't have happened: Malcolm French, Ian Hodge, Andrew Maynard, Sally Hodge, Pete Mackintosh, David Chalfen, Steph Vaatz, Kathy Jackson, Tolli Hickes, Philip Dee, Alex Jeffreys, Tom Poynton, David Campbell, Cliff Hide, Catharine Sowerby, Sammy Li and Claire Freshwater.

Grand prix results

That's the summer grand prix over for another year! After four races, Helen Gray, Simon Barrett and Andrew Reeves are our 2016 champions with final scores of 400, 393.9 and 87.6% respectively. Well done all.

Full grand prix results table

Ian Hodge

Submitted: 29 July 2016