New middle distance training sessions

New coached training sessions for those wanting to race middle distance events (800m/1500m) will begin 10th March at Paddington.

Paddington Track, Thursdays from 10th March

The sessions, coached by Andy Robbins, will start at 7pm and meet at the 200m point on the track. A session will typically consist of a brief introduction, a group warmup involving dynamic exercises, hurdles, drills, strides and accelerations to get people ready for the session itself. More advanced runners will tend to cover a greater overall volume during the session and anyone coming at this from more of a 400m background will typically do significantly less. Current abilities of participants are anticpated to be spread across sub 2:00 / 2:40 for the 800 and around 4:05 / 5:15 for 1500.

These sessions will follow the cycle described below

  • March - introduction to 800 / 1500m paces
  • April - increasing rep length & overal volume of session but still with good recoveries
  • May - moving towards true lactate tolerance / clearing type sessions


The workouts in March serve as a reintroduction to regular middle distance training for those coming off the back of cross country and spring road races.

This is an advanced session specifically targetting middle distance events so is not a session for beginners / improvers or those not already running at least 4-5 times a week. It should be used as an event specific workout rather than as a 'principal speed workout of the week just because the volumes are low'...

DateSessionRecoveries / Notes
10/033 x (5 x 200m @ 1500m EFFORT)100m jog between 200s, 400m between sets
17/03No coached session 
24/033-4 x (3 x 300m @ 1500m)100m jog between 300s, 400m between sets
31/032 x (4 x 200m @ 800m)100m jog between 200s, 400m between sets
07/042 x (4 x 400m @ 1500m)200m jog between 200s, 400m between sets
14/04Maintenance session pre SAL - TBC 


Submitted: 2 March 2016