Introducing structured running training to your plan

If you want to step up your training and are not currently doing track training: Laura Fountain will be hosting a talk on 14th October; we introduce a Monday night track session at Paddington and Battersea have nominated a newcomers night.

Talk: Introducing Structured training into your schedule

Laura Fountain will host an informal session on Wednesday 14th October, after the club runs (20:15) to discuss introducing structured training to improve your running.

Laura is able to share her own experience changing from "not very sporty" to running multiple marathons, becoming a coach and running evangelist. She will also provide guidance on developing a training plan and introducing structured training into your running schedule.

This is aimed at club members who don't currently do any structured training (track, hills, etc) and want to take their running to the next level. Whilst individual training plans cannot be reviewed, do come with any questions about developing your own plan.

Date and Time: 14th October, 20:15

Location: Club room, Seymour Centre

Monday Night Track Training at Paddington (Foundation)

As previously publicised, a new track session for those who are new to structured training will be held at Paddington track starting on 19th October. Full details of this are available here.

Newcomers welcome night at Battersea - 29th October

The coaches have nominated the 29th October as a session where they will be able to provide some additional attention to those who are new to track training.

Details of Thursday night sessions are available here

Submitted: 9 October 2015