Bewl 15M: 4 July 2010

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All runners

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1 1 Will Green 1:29:41 V35 Serpentine 5:59
2 2 Nick Copas 1:39:03 V40 Serpentine 6:36
3 3 Richard Fanning 1:43:59 V40 Serpentine 6:56
4 4 Jane Fanning 1:47:59 FV35 Serpentine 7:12
5 5 Peter Bowles 1:54:56 V40 Serpentine 7:40
6 6 Richard Hardiman 2:08:29 V40 Serpentine 8:34
7 7 Phil Bradburn 2:27:09 V35 Serpentine 9:49
8 8 Andrew Van Heiningen 2:30:10 V45 Serpentine 10:01
9 9 Michelle Baldwin 2:36:40 SL Serpentine 10:27

Race conditions

Hot and dusty


This year was very hot and dusty. However this did not take away from the beauty of the surroundings. Although many seem to have suffered due to this. Taking your eyes off of the trail was not a good idea and I saw three folks take a tumble with many others like me nearly going down. This was mostly due to the mottled sunlight coming through the trees camouflaging the many tree roots and ruts.

Report by Andrew Van Heiningen

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