Sprint Training

Laura and Hel in SAL 200m

Sprint training sessions (100m-400m) are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Battersea Track for a group of athletes from several clubs by external coach Bob Bridges.

Both sessions start at about 7.15pm but there is no group warm up so you need turn up by about 7.00pm to warm up and be ready by 7.15pm. Meet at the at the start of the 100m straight on the track.

Tuesdays tend to be longer distance sprint sessions (e.g. 2 x 300m, 2 x 200m, rest & repeat). Thursdays tend to be shorter and faster (e.g. 150m, 120m, 100m, 60m). Trainers are fine but spikes are recommended if it’s icy or wet.






These sessions are not suitable for beginners or casual attendees. You must be a club member with a serious interest in sprinting and be prepared to attend regularly. Please contact athletics@serpentine.org.uk for further information before attending for the first time.