Current and future marathon preparation and racing

By David Chalfen

In January 2016 Serpentine Coach David Chalfen presented a seminar to help guide current and future marathon preparation and racing. It thoroughly covered what you would expect a marathon coach to cover. It should be of use to anyone in a range of 2:20 to sub 4:00 and has been presented on behalf of England Athletics to groups of coaches/runners in that sort of range. It doesn’t focus much on what you would expect to see a physio, physician or nutritionist for.

David has been coaching for 15 years, is a Level 4 performance coach and was an England Athletics Area Coach mentor in Endurance from 2009 to 2014. He has coached hundreds of runners from international standard down to modest recreational level, with a focus on the longer distances up to marathon. He is author of Improve Your Marathon and Half Marathon Running, which is on England Athletics’ recommended reading list for endurance runners and coaches. As a runner he ran 20 marathons with a PB of 2:32.


Slides from the seminar