Keeping in touch with the Club

The club has a mailing list system, fully integrated with our website, which is the primary method of disseminating 'official' club information. These are one-way mailing lists that only a limited number of organisers within the club will be able to mail to, so you will not receive any spam.

What lists are there?

The mailing lists you should choose from are as follows. The others cover senior events and training and are probably not appropriate for juniors to join.

Club news

General club announcements, important race results, brand new trainng sessions to be launched, awards, information about volunteering opportunities, parties, trips and other social events. We are very careful to keep email volume to this list to a minimum.

Juniors' news

Information about training and other events for our junior members.

How do I sign up?

To sign-up to (or sign-off from) a list, please log into (or ask your parent/guardian to log into) Serpiebase, and click on 'Email preferences'. On that page you can tick/un-tick the boxes next to the list that you want to receive emails from the club.

The email address used for the list is your (or your parent or guardian's) primary email address as listed on your profile in Serpiebase so you will need to keep your email address up to date. You need to be a club member to sign-up to the lists and note that anyone whose membership has expired for more than 4 weeks will be automatically removed from all lists so make sure you renew your membership promptly!

Is there a digest version of the mailing lists?

Yes - it is online, and displays all of the messages sent through the mailing list for the last 7 days. Click on the 'News' tab in the top right hand corner of this page, and then select 'Mailing list digest' from the left hand menu.

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