Gemma Phillips


BFT Level 2

Experience and Achievements

It’s almost an accident to why I’m here, it wasn't my plan... my main passion was (still is) travelling. On a holiday in Vietnam in 2012 my partner received an email about raising money and receiving a F1 related prize for running the Silverstone Half Marathon, because of our passion with the sport we signed up whilst sat in a Backpackers Hostel in Hanoi! I had never done sport at school or university however, had swam a little in my early teenage years however other things started distracting me so I never continued.

I had 5 months to learn to run, and for 13.3 miles – I hadn't even a pair of running trainers! Learning to run was hard, more so because my body wasn't use to exercise! Closer to the event the pounding of London Streets and originally not having the correct type of trainers took its toll and I damaged my right knee – my 'taper' two weeks up until the Silverstone half was with no running and trips to the Sports Therapist. I completed my first ever race in 2:01 – I was happy but knew just running wasn't for me.

Because I had previously spent a little time in the pool me and a friend signed up and completed an aquathlon – swim into a run, this would be my first multi-sport event and I’d be hooked from that day. During 2013 my friend and I completed a couple of Sprint Distance Triathlons along with a couple of 10km races.

In 2014 I joined Serpentine's Novice Triathlon squad, this would give me more structure for my training and allow me to learn from others – there is only so much you can read and learn from 'Triathlon for Dummies' book! 2014 season saw me move onto Olympic Distance Triathlons along with an aquathlon and duathlon. I was absolutely hooked on multi-sport. I loved travelling to races, seeing new places, and meeting new people. I loved the diversity in the challenge and also another strength of mine 'organisation' came into play – transition!

2016 will see me complete my first (and maybe last!) Ironman – I cannot wait for the challenge and what the training and racing journey will bring!

With the love of triathlon complete, I wanted to start ‘giving something back’ so that’s why I’m a triathlon coach! Its super rewarding working with other like-minded, passionate people, and to help them achieve their goals! Anything is possible… 

Interests and Activities

Involvement with Serpentine

Gemma is currently coaching the novice squad.