Fay Israsena


BFT Level 2

Experience and Achievements

Fay has been a triathlon coach with the Serpentine Club since 2014. With a history in ballet and yoga, she uses body and mental awareness to improve technique and mental strength to generate a positive impact sports performance.   

Interests and Activities

Fay is passionate about sports and wellbeing. She was a competitive swimmer in childhood and a promising dancer until she forewent a career in ballet to go to business school. Ten years ago, Fay discovered yoga and spent a considerable amount of time developing her practice. After taking up cycling, doing a triathlon became the obvious next challenge. She trained and raced seriously for two years. Then she focused on improving her run which was her weakest discipline, and explored other fun runs, such as muddy races. In parallel to her athletic activities, Fay has a longstanding interest in healthy living and nutrition.

Involvement with Serpentine

Fay joined the Serpentine club as a regular member in 2009 when she started triathlon. She was the secretary of Triathlon London, the committee responsible for developing the sport in the London region, from 2009-2011. She holds a BTF Level 2 triathlon coaching certificate and is the lead coach for the female novice squad in 2015-16.  


Email: fay.israsena@gmail.com