Claire Strong


UKA Leadership in Running and Fitness

BTF Level 1Claire at end of Berlin Marathon

Currently studying BTF Level 2

Experience and Achievements

Claire has been running for over a decade. She has completed a number of marathons and a range of road and trail events. She completed her first triathlon in October 2009, her first long distance race in 2011 and is training for more.

Interests and Activities

Claire is fascinated by the wonders of the human body and its physical limits and possibilities. She she studied anatomy and physiology as part of a sports and remedial massage qualification from the London School of Sports Massage in 2003. Claire began assisting coaching runners in 2009 and took her BTF Level 1 qualification in 2010. Claire is very enthusiastic about helping people enjoy fitness and become the best they can be. She enjoys lots of different sports, especially those that make up a triathlon, and particularly the feeling of zooming down a hill on a bike.

Involvement with Serpentine

Claire coaches (on rotation) at the weekly Thursday night Battersea Park track coaching sessions. She has been working with the Serpentine triathlon squads since the 2011 season.