Alex Elferink


BTF Level 2

BTF indoor cycle coaching moduleAlex IMUK finish 2008

British Cycling Level 2

British Cycling Level 2 road and time trial

Experience and Achievements

Alex completed his first triathlon in 1998. This wasn't a race, just an attempt to complete the distances of an Olympic Triathlon event and consisted of a 1500m pool swim, followed by a 40km ride on an old mountain bike around the streets of Wolverhampton, followed by a 10km walk, finished in a time of 3.54. Alex wasn't instantly bitten by the tri bug, but after building up his running, completing 2 marathons in the process, felt it was finally time to take on tri again which he did at the London Tri in 2005, taking over an hour off his 1998 time to finish in 2.40. This time he did get the tri bug and quickly progressed to middle distance tri in 2006 and Ironman in 2007. His current Ironman PB is 10.41 achived in 2010 at Challenge Roth, Germany. In 2011, 8 years after taking up running again, he achieved his most coveted running goal, running under 3 hours at the Amsterdam Marathon, a feat he repeated in 2012 with a 2.57 at the Berlin Marathon.

Interests and Activities

Alex is keen to help beginners acheive their goals, help them avoid the same mistakes he made when he got into triathlon and become self sufficent triathletes able to create their own training plans.

Involvement with Serpentine

Alex is currently the committee member responsible for triathlon coaching.