Serpie Planner - event reports

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (27 Apr 2013)

The first match of the 2013 Southern Athletics League was held at Woodside Stadium
in Watford on Saturday 27th April. Our team competed against Watford Harriers,
Highgate Harriers and Woodford and we had to face to usual, never-too-easy challenge
to put a team together the week after the London marathon. 27 Serpies made their way
to the match and it was great to see many new faces making their debut with our team
alongside our regulars and a couple of Serpies coming back to track after few years

Our team started the day well with the first field events: 6 points in the men's HJ
(Will Sharp, one of our newbies, and myself), Alex Malzer and Daniel De Palol with 5
points in the SP and Mary Davies and Stef Vaatz both winning their hammer strings.
The first track events brought also good points to our booty: 14 points from 400Hds
(Tolli Hickes and Stef, Richard Taylor and myself), 14 from the 800m (Helen Palmer,
just one second over the club record, Lisa Pettit, Andy Reeves and Will S) and 10
from the 100m (Natasha Sheel, Maureen Seguin and Roberto Filannino, all at their
debut with us, and Richard).
Meanwhile Ilona was 2nd in the LJ (4 points on her T&F debut), and so were our
hammer throwers (Danny McIntosh and Tony McGahan). Will S and Richard had a good day
in the LJ getting 6 points for our team, whereas Tolli (who also broke a 20-year-old
club record) and Mary were as consistent as usual in the SP (6 points).

Back on the track, we scored 11 points in the 400m (Mary Egundebi, Ilona, Pau and
Roberto); worth mentioning that Laura, not yet able to compete for us due to EA
bureaucracy, run as non-scorer and won comfortably string B (and so did later on in
the 200m). We look forward to have her on board soon! The 3000m was an internal
affair between Vic Crawford and Sarah Pemberton, who easily won both strings (10
points) whereas Mary and Tolli managed two second places in the javelin (8).Tony and
I got 10 points in the PV (and Will S was non scorer...yes, you read correctly, 3
Serpies in the PV) and 3 points from Danny and Alex in the JT.
The 5000m race was very competitive, with the winner getting home in 15:30: Will
Green was third and Daniel second (7 points from them). In the 110Hds Andy and
debutant Will S (who finished the race without a shoe) were both second, whereas 10
points came from the 200m (Mary, Natasha, Roberto and Richard). We realised at this
point that the fight for second was tight, with our team and Watford keeping
swapping position and always within few points from each other.
In the meantime, while the sun got back shining over the track, Vic Crawford and
Natasha got 7 points in the TJ, 8 points came from the DT (Tolli and Mary), whereas
the men got 5 in the TJ (Will S and Richard) and 5 in the DT (Tony and Alex).
The 1500m had a great run from Pau and Daniel (5 points), whereas our ladies managed
9 with Helen and Vic Carter. In the men's 2000S/C Andy and I scored 8 points and our
two 4x100 teams were both third. The women 1500S/C saw both Vic Carter (who also
claimed back the Serpies club record) and Sarah coming second. The day was over as
usual with the 4x400 relays, where we run a second (women) and a third (men).
We also had some non-scorers who performed very well: Vic Crawford in the 200m, Lisa
(1500m), James Quinn (5000m) and Alex Malzer in the throws where he didn't score.
Massive thank you to our officials (Sally Hodge, Ian Hodge, Dan Lewington, soon to
be back in action, and Stef, who helped out between her events) who faced a
four-season weather (it hailed twice) and contribute with 8 points to our score.

Highgate Harriers won the fixture and we ended up the day in second position, just 3
points ahead of Watford Harriers. This shows how important it is to cover as many
events as possible, as every point counts. After this first match of the season, we
are in 6th position in the league.

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (18 May 2013)

Match Report ;

We had a really enjoyable day at St Ives on Saturday 18th May for our
second match of the SAL against Huntingdonshire (hosting the match),
Vale of Aylesbury and West Norfolk / Diss. No rain this time (ok, no sun
either, but you can't have everything) and our intention was to at
least repeat the second place of the first fixture. Our team looked
strong with most of those who made the first match plus a couple of
important comebacks, who could cover some of the least favourite events.

Did we achieve our aim? Yes! Apart from Huntingdonshire who had the home
advantage and soon took the lead in the match, the fight for second
place was very tight between us and Vale of Aylesbury with only a
handful of points between us. Thanks to everyone's efforts and some
very good performances (we won 16 strings in different events – not
a common occurrence), we ended the day in second place, about forty
point behind Huntingdonshire and four (yes, four!) points ahead of Vale
of Aylesbury: keeping us in sixth position in the league. We had clean
sweep in the middle distance events, where, excluding the 800m, we won
all strings in both women and men's events (1500m, 3000m, and
steeplechase), but we also had full points in the women hammer string A,
men javelin string B, men 110M hurdles string B and women pole vault
string B. So, well done to everybody!

Here are everybody's performances during the day

* Lisa Pettit (enjoying (?) 800m, 1500m, 4x4 and SP)
* Deanna Laforet (competing in hurdles and PV with a couple of PBs)
* Vic Crawford (easily winning both 1500m and 3000m with a massive
PB, plus a third in TJ and a leg in the 4x400m)
* Sarah Pemberton (scoring full points in both 3000m and 200m S/C
and helping our 4x4 coming third)
* Mary Davies (covering as usual all throws with a couple of SB and
getting one first place, two seconds and one third)
* Maureen Seguin (LJ, HJ, 4x100m and a first successful attempt in
the PV)
* Nathasha Sheel (enjoying 100m, 200m, one leg of the 4x1, LJ and
* Stef Vaatz (filling gaps where needed including some throws and
the 400mHds )
* El O'Connor (newbie with a string B victory in the 2000S/C)
* Ilona Bagj (bringing points again in LJ, 400m and both relays)
* Anna Diamantopoulos (back to track for 100m, 200m and 4x100m)
* Grace Kimble (with two thirds in 400m and 800m in her debut for
* Pau Herrero (winning comfortably the 1500m race and helping with
points in 400m and both relays)
* Daniel De Palol (third in 400m, first in the B 3000m and
participating in our 4x4, where he had to fight hard against the
biggest, but fastest 400m runner that I can remember )
* Will Green (winning the 3000m race and second only to Pau in the
* Will Sharp (extremely useful and scoring a massive amount of
points in HJ, TJ, 800m, discus, 110mHds and relays)
* Andy Reeves (800m, 110mHds, 4x4 and 300mS/C with the highest age
grade of the day in the whole team)
* Danny McIntosh (JT, SP and HT and a lot of loud support for him)
* Tony McGahan (PV and all throws as usual)
* Richard Taylor (helping out filling up gaps and competing in
400mHds, 100m, 200m, LJ, TJ and 4x100m)
* JT Wong (in his first competition after a while and important
contributions in 100, 200, LJ and 4x100m)
* myself (400mHds, HJ, PV and steeplechase)

Well done to our non scorers as well: Chris Abele and Richard Taylor in
the 3000m, Daniel De Palol in the 1500m.

Many thanks to our track and field judges, timekeeper and helpers (Sally
Hodge, Ian Hodge, Sammy Li, Stef Vaatz, Chris Abele, El O'Connor)
who worked all day and contributed to our team score with 8 points. Also
great to see Gavin Edmonds spending the afternoon with his camera
around the track taking photos, which will soon be available I believe.

Full results are available here
tives.htm> ) and on our webpage.

Next match will be on 15th June in Dartford. We will compete against
Dartford Harriers (league leader), West Suffolk and Colchester &
Tendring. It will be great to have another large turnout and keeping up
these season results. So, if you are interested to come along and have
some fun, drop an email to me (nicola.barberis@ for men and Lisa Pettit
( ) for

Match result:
Huntingdonshire 294
Serpentine 254.5
Vale of Aylesbury 250.5
West Norfolk/Diss 116

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (15 Jun 2013)

Relay results & match scores will be uploaded in due course.

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (10 Aug 2013)

Captain's Meeting Report

For the last SAL match, our Serpie team travelled to Braintree to
compete against Braintree & District, Ealing, Thurrock Harriers and
Orion. In spite of many regulars being on holidays, especially among the
ladies, and few last minute drop-outs, we still managed a record turnout
of 30 athletes and to score points in all events (second time this
year). We finished the day in second place (fifth second place in 2013)
behind Ealing and well ahead of Thurrock and Braintree.

Among the men, some great performances from the track to highlight are:
Will and Dave smashed the 5000m with new PBs, Roberto improved his SBs
and fought to win in all sprints (100, 200 and 400), David, Andy and
Richard "enjoyed" short and high hurdles, and Dani just back from injury
decided it was time to test his legs in all events longer than 400m.
From the field, we had a massive contribution from Shenten (who won LJ,
TJ and JT with an over 47m throw), a great comeback for Peter Gibbons in
the PV with a 3m and the usual consistent results from Tony, Danny and
Alex in the throws.

Our women once again faced hard competition, but did win several events:
the 3000m in particular was quite entertaining, with track newbie
Victoria Brown sitting on the shoulder of the Ealing runner up until the
last 400m ("Lisa told me not to overtake her, whatever happened" was the
justification, while from the side we were all wondering "Has Victoria
got a fast finish?") and then she did a "Farah" and took victory with a
swift last lap to finish 11 sec ahead of Ealing. Thanks also to Gen,
another debuttant, who gave her availability less than 48 hours before
the match due to a drop out and even enjoyed her first 3000m ever (at
least that what she said). We had some other great performances in the
sprint from Anna and Laura (who also set a new 400m club record), Pam
and Deedee enjoyed their daily heptathlon, Natasha and El jumped
everything and Mary had her usual full day of throws. We also had a
1-2-3 in the women 1500m steeplechase and Teri and Amy completed the
team with some throws+PV and 400+800m respectively.

Massive thanks also to our officials and helpers who made all the way to
Braintree with us: Ian Hodge, Sally Hodge, Bev Thomas, Sammi Li, Raoul
Mansukhani, Steph Vaatz (who also competed in a couple of events before
helping out with judging).

As mentioned, this was our last match of the season and we ended in
fifth position in the league Division 3, only two points away from
promotion (next year?). We are absolutely proud of this result, which is
probably one of the best league position for our T&F team in some years.
Full league results are available here
and ours shortly on
the Serpies website.

Thanks to all who came along during the spring/summer to compete, help
and/or officiate. We will celebrate the 2013 T&F achievements on
Wednesday 2nd October at the Duke of York near the Seymour Center and we
are looking forward to seeing most of you there for a drink or two.

Nick & Lisa

Meeting results:
Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 302
Serpentine 253
Thurrock Harriers 227
Braintree & District 162
Orion Harriers 0

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (19 Apr 2014)

Hillingdon 280
Serpentine 222
Vale of Aylesbury 216
Loughton 147

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (10 May 2014)

Team Score
West Suffolk/Diss 285
Serpentine 241
Biggleswade 209
West Norfolk 187

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (21 Jun 2014)

1 London Heathside 312
2 Colchester & Tendring 226.5
3 Serpentine 216
4 Braintree & District 182.5

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (12 Jul 2014)

Match result:

1 Serpentine 257
2 Barnet & District/Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 229.5
3 Cambridge & Coleridge 220.5
4 Orion Harriers 137
5 Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 68

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (02 Aug 2014)

Serpentine 278
Thurrock 239
Watford Harriers 237
Huntingdonshire 214

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (25 Apr 2015)

1 London Heathside 333
2 Serpentine 292
3 Peterborough AC 242
4 Braintree & District 223
5 Ilford 154

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (31 May 2015)

Ryston Runners 297.5
Dacorum & Tring 294
Serpentine 286
W G & E L 226
Thurrock 206.5
Mornington Chasers 25

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (20 Jun 2015)

Serpentine 376
Biggleswade 127
Medway & Maidstone 321
Invicta East Kent/Medway Park Phoenix 19
Loughton 193
Mornington Chasers 46

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (04 Jul 2015)

Match Result

1) Colchester & Tendring 336.5pts
2) Serpentine 308.5pts
3) Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 253.5pts
4) Watford Harriers 250.5pts
5) Orion Harriers 192pts

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (15 Aug 2015)

Serpentine 320
Newham & Essex Beagles 309
Huntingdonshire 252
Vale of Aylesbury 197
Mornington Chasers 57
Invicta East Kent/Medway Park Phoenix 8

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (16 Apr 2016)

Serpentine 334
Enfield & Haringey and HAWCS 275
Loughton AC 200
Biggleswade AC 127
Chiltern Harriers/Bedford "B" 84
Mornington Chasers 41

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (21 May 2016)

1 Thurrock AC 348
2 Serpentine 329
3 Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 291
4 Barnet & District 101
5 Mornington Chasers 24

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (18 Jun 2016)

Match result:
1 - Harlow AC - 329
2 - Serpentine - 296
3 - Orion Harriers - 268
4 - Braintree & District AC - 259
5 - West Norfolk AC - 62
6 - Chiltern Harriers/Bedford "B" - 13

Shenten Enoe was awarded Man of he Match with his triple jump. Full results and League table (Div 3N) available at

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (09 Jul 2016)

355 Serpentine
320 Watford
255 Newham & Essex Beagles
146 Vale of Aylesbury
51 Chiltern Harriers/Bedford "B"
0 Luton AC "B" Team

The men's 4x400m scoring team was DQ'd

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (20 Aug 2016)

Serpentine 371
Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets AC 329
Peterborough AC 149
Huntingdonshire AC 151
Mornington Chasers 81

Serpentine won the match and gained promotion to div 2

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (15 Apr 2017)

Div 3E

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (28 Apr 2018)

Nearly 40 Serpies travelled to Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 28th April for our first SAL match of the season: this year we are in Division 3N. Weather conditions were pretty horrendous (possibly the worst conditions we have ever had for a SAL match), but thanks to our waterproof tent, extra clothes and hot drinks we got through the day with some great performances and a few PBs. Very well done to Caroline Morgan and Helen Gray who broke the Pole Vault (180cm) and 800m (2:17.4) club records respectively. Special mention also to our race winners: Chris Wright (doubling 5000m and 1500m), Bart Porzuczek (800m), Sarah Pemberton (3000m), Helen Gray (1500m) and the men's 4x400m relay (Ben Stanton, Bart Porzuczek, David Campbell, Miles Kershaw). We also had some B string winners and other solid performances, which helped us to close the day in third place, only 15.5 points away from second. Full results can be found on the SAL website, final standings were:
Dacorum & Tring 346
Watford 317
Serpentine 301.5
Peterborough 228
Vale of Aylesbury 141.5
West Suffolk 67

Massive thanks also to our officials and helpers: Malcolm French, Sally and Ian Hodge, Sammi Li, George Allan, Jaran Finn. Without officials we could not have a match; they also scored 15 points for our team (it'd be 20 points with a track judge coming with us).

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (19 May 2018)

1 Enfield & Haringey and HAWCS 232
2 Huntingdonshire AC 206
3 Serpentine 311
4 Basildon 351
5 Chiltern Harriers/Bedford & County "B" Team 56

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (23 Jun 2018)

Serpentine 368.5
Newham & Essex Beagles 249
Braintree & District AC 248.5
Barnet & District 138
Vale of Aylesbury 122

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (14 Jul 2018)

1 Luton 335
2 Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 321
3 Serpentine 309
4 Ilford AC 169
5 West Norfolk AC 79
6 West Suffolk 58

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (18 Aug 2018)

Wycombe Phoenix Harriers 368
Harlow AC 311
Serpentine 284
Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 246
Highgate Harriers and Mornington Chasers 178

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (18 May 2019)

With a few of our regulars busy at the Green Belt relays, we still managed to travel to Woodside stadium in Garston with about 25 athletes and had a cracking day, alternating the lead with Watford Harries and Harlow AC throughout the afternoon, just to nip a few extra points at the end of the match to win only by 15.

We had some strong performances from both regulars and newbies and we welcomed few come backs to our squad. As the results show, it was one of those matches where every point counted, so it was great to see everyone committing to the cause and helping to fill nearly every gap in the team.

Well done to our race winners: Bart Porzuczek was first in the 800m with a storming second lap, whereas Laura Carmichael led from start to end keeping her rivals at distance. Anna Hollingsworth, new to the SAL, clocked a great 5000m PB with a solo run (18:10, 5th all-time Serpie time on the distance) , followed by Sophie-Anne Flanagan, who also got a PB. In most of the other events we finished consistently in 2nd/3rd place, even on field competitions where we historically have more troubles. It was also fun to compete (and spectate) for the first time in a 4x 400m mixed relays with many changes of position and a lot of suspense. Finally, special mention to Rhiannon Needham who completed her personal decathlon: 10 events in one match, probably a new club “record”!

Finals scores for the day are

Serpentine 296
Watford Harriers 281
Harlow AC 277
Barnet & District AC 218
Enfield & Hartngey/HAWC 209
Highgate Harriers and Mornington Chasers 107
Full results can (or will soon to) be found on the SAL website and soon in the Serpentine site.

Thanks as well to our officials, whose invaluable help allowed us make the match happen and score 20 points for the team. Ian and Sally Hodge, Andy Maynard, Josie Wildridge, Sammy Li, Steph Vaatz, Deb Biswas.

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (15 Jun 2019)

Our largest SAL team to date this year (we were over 30) faced a very competitive match in Luton last weekend: we fought hard for the entire afternoon with the other clubs and at the end of the day the final ranking said

Oxford 325
Luton 323
Serpentine 320
Huntingdonshire 230
West Norfolk 69
So, yes, disappointingly, we were third by a handful of points...

Thanks to all who travelled to Luton to help, officiate, support and compete. It was a fantastic day of Serpie fun with great team spirit and with some impressive results

Tim&Dani plus Anna&Sarah clean-swept their 5000 and 3000m races respectively,
Bart won his third (out of three) 800m this season with Marcin running a SB and first place in the B string
Laura clocked the fourth all-time Serpie 800m time and Sophie got a 7s PB in the B string as well as Lee in the 1500m
Our fielders had a particular tough day in the office with other clubs out in full strength, but that didn't stop Mary winning the Hammer (before wrapping up the match with other 6 events), Frank equaling his Shot PB and Tom McKelvey jumping a SB. Some great results also from Tony, Deb, Alex, Jeremy, Camilla and Hel, now back to action after injuries.
Andy R clocked the second best UK time in the 2000m s/c for V45 so far and Rhi completed again her personal decathlon with 10 events.
Sodiq run a 200m PB, whereas Danishe and Ashwin enjoyed their SAL debut with a solid 400m and 100m runs respecitvely
Camilla gave also a good crack to the Queen of the hurdles competition by racing in the Saturday's three events of the day plus her usual duties in some throws and jumps
Good to see also newbies Abi getting some T&F action in the 2000m s/c alongside more experienced Victoria; and Clementine and Lewis in the relays
Full results are on our website
Our officials gave their usual invaluable contribution to our team and made the match happening. So, massive thanks to Ian and Sally, Sammy, Josie, Daisy, Deb and Steph for spending the afternoon with the team.

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (22 May 2022)

We had a wonderful start of the season with a third place, just a handful of points behind hosting club Enfiled&Haringey and Highgate/Mornington Chasers. The final team result is

Enfield & Haringey - 210 points
Highgate/Mornington Chasers - 202
Serpentine RC - 185
Ilford AC - 170
Newham & Essex Beagles - 161
Orion Harriers 138

First of all, massive thanks to our officials who spent a sunny afternoon timekeeping, track and field judging us and scored 20 point for our team (Malcolm French, Sammy Li, Imran Ahmed, Andrew Maynard, Deb Biswas, George Allan and Chris Notton): we could not have done without their support and effort!

Well done to all our athletes (Mary Davies, Hel James, Victoria Brown, Bart Porzuczek, Jeremy Freer, Tony McGahan, David and Luke Robinson, Sodiq Abiola, newbie Roberto Meneghello, Peter Clarke, Alex Malzer, Deb Biswas and Matt Williams) that competed in the match. Not the largest of the teams, but a very strong one: we have given other clubs a run for their money and kept the Serpie flag flying high. Complete results will be soon on our website and on the SAL site.

Tony awarded for 50 SAL matches

Last, but not least, a special mention to our very own Tony Mcgahan who competed in his 50th SAL match (out of fifty!) since 2011: we didn't have time to celebrate him properly due to the day running a bit late (next time!), but we gave him a small memento to remember this achievement. Well done Tony!

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (12 Jun 2022)

1 Highgate/Mornington Chasers 288.5
2 Serpentine Running Club 248
3 Enfield & Haringey 187
4 Ilford AC 165.5
5 Orion Harriers 147
6 Newham & Essex Beagles 138

Southern Athletics League (div 3) (16 Jul 2022)

Serpentine win !!!

1 Serpentine 267
2 Highgate/Mornington Chasers 247.5
3 Enfield & Haringey 246.5
4 Orion Harriers 173
5 Newham & Essex Beagles 167
6 Ilford AC 143