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Sri Chinmoy 10k (11 Jun 2005)

Lots of Silwerware was won at this friendly race early on a Saturday morning in Battersea park. 2nd claim Serpie Urban Bettag finished the race in a good 2nd place and in under 35 minutes while former Serpie Karim Chebouki came third in front of Lionel Meehan. Michael Lehmann claimed the prize for the first V60 man while Jan Farmer became first V50 woman.

report by Lars Menken

Sri Chinmoy 10k (30 Jul 2005)

Anthony Stranger Jones 1st V60 and 11th overall and Phil Kelvin 1st FV50.

Anthony Stranger-Jones comments "The early start (8 a.m. on a Saturday) did not prevent a good turnout on this familiar course, which consists of 3.2/3 laps of the outer circuit of Battersea Park. As others have commented for
previous races, this is a friendly race with many trophies on offer - most of the Serpies present ended up with one!

Sri Chinmoy 10k (12 Jun 2010)

Congratulations to Victoria Carter who was second lady.

The Sri Chinmoy races in Battersea Park are on a fast flat course. While there is no chip timing, on Saturday I crossed the start line in about 2 seconds. There was almost no congestion. Entry on the day is £9. Bananas, cereal bars, water, sports drink (orange squash?) and socks were given out at the end to finishers.

The course has changed since last year and the race now goes through the central avenue and bandstand rather than right round the park. While I don't mind having more laps unfortunately the new course has two sharp corners. Run and Become will be considering opinions on the new course at the end of this years series..

However this is still a fast course (I got a PB), very good value, well organised and has cheerful encouraging marshals. Highly recommended.

Full results at:

Race report: Raoul Mansukhani

Sri Chinmoy 10k (11 Jun 2011)

Vic Carter won the women’s race with G coming second. Fernando won the men’s
race. Kay Bettis won the women V50 category, while Jean Luc Hoez was third in
the mens V50 category and Robert Fortes was 2nd in the MV60 group. Serpies did
quite well this Saturday!

Conditions were very good indeed with very little wind and a temperature of

12C according to my car thermometer.

The Battersea Park Sri Chinmoy races are perfect in almost every respect. Great
atmosphere, fast flat course and inexpensive - £9 on the day entry. Highly

You got a banana and a cereal bar at the end. And unlimited sports drink (orange


Race report : Raoul Mansukhani

Sri Chinmoy 10k (10 Nov 2012)

Juan was 2nd overall.

Sri Chinmoy 10k (15 Jun 2013)

Grace Wu won the women's race and Susie Macara came fourth.

Another well organised Sri Chinmoy race in Battersea Park. Inexpensive to enter (£9 on the day), fast flat PB course and good atmosphere. Banana, cereal bar, water and orange squash at the end. Very enthusiastic marshals.

Sri Chinmoy 10k (03 May 2014)

Andy won the race, Laura was 2nd woman and Kay first FV50.