Serpie Planner - event reports

MK Festival of Running Half Marathon (21 Mar 2004)

The course is one loop of the area surrounding the Open University campus and is fast and flat (with a few hills no greater than our very own Green Park), guaranteeing runners a good half marathon time to back up their training. The course starts on the roads in Milton Keynes before moving onto the wide red-route bicycle paths that dissect the city taking the course surprisingly through areas of beauty and interest.

Although the weather conditions were less than ideal with howling winds, rain and hail storms, the event was very enjoyable with good organisation and plenty of toilet facilities. I would recommend this as another pre-London race especially if your looking for that elusive pb!!
report by Robin Gray

MK Festival of Running Half Marathon (20 Mar 2005)

This is a fast, flat pb course on footpaths around the new town of Milton Keynes and surrounding countryside. It was well-marshalled, but with a couple of irritating features in the shape of multiple sharp turns and bollards, which are potentially dangerous if taken at speed, and an absent clock over the finish line. However, there was ample parking very close to the start, and plenty of tree cover near to the start too.

Conditions were ideal for racing: cool, overcast and with only light winds.

report by Karen Hancock

Also congratulations to Karen for being first in her age category.

MK Festival of Running Half Marathon (11 Mar 2007)

2037 finishers on a beautiful day. A few Serpies were there, not many--so many other halfs going on. A well-organized and -supported race, lovely course with a few rolling hills, otherwise flat. Most of the first 3 miles is a gentle downhill on local roads, the rest is on tarmac bicycle paths along lakes, roads, canals.

One drawback: only gun-times were recorded. The chip-timing service did not provide a 'Start' mat, much to the organisers' chagrin.

Report by: Margot Sheehan

MK Festival of Running Half Marathon (10 Mar 2013)

Rick came 2nd