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Stockholm Marathon (05 Jun 2004)

This race has the advantage of a two o'clock start,
which is great for having a good breakfast after a
good night's sleep; not so good if the weather is
hot, as it was on this occasion. Normal temp is

Stockholm Marathon (04 Jun 2005)

"The rain poured down during the morning hours, but at
2pm the conditions were perfect for marathon running, 12 degrees and cloudy." quote from website

Stockholm Marathon (31 May 2008)

Ranked as the number 1 marathon in the world by The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons (although I've not heard of this publication), it's certainly got a lot to recommend it. A beautiful course, excellent organisation, plenty of food and drink throughout plus free Swedish massage at the end, although the queues get large for this pretty quickly.

Overall, a very enjoyable marathon and a fast course as long as the conditions aren't too hot. Ideal for spectators too since it involves 2 laps, the scenery's great and there are plenty of places to view and enjoy a picnic.

Race report by Ian Sharman

Stockholm Marathon (01 Jun 2019)

Very hilly and pouring rain