Serpie Planner - event reports

Club Championship 1k (21 Sep 1985)

This is the approximate race date since original records have been lost.

Club Championship 1k (19 Sep 1987)

This is the approximate race date as original records have been lost.

Club Championship 1k (19 May 2001)

In Saturday\'s 1km Club Championship, Karim Chebouki took the Men\'s title, in a time 2 seconds slower than his win last year. The Women\'s title went again to Elinor Rest, running with the Men\'s \"A\" race, who improved her championship-winning time this year by 11 seconds!!

Congratulations to Karim and Elinor - again!

However, there is a third, overall award for each of the club championship events, called the Age-Graded championship. Tables are used to calculate performance ratings for all runners, allowing for age and sex, and enabling meaningful comparisons to be made between performances. Karim and Elinor both scored well, with performances of 83 and 82%. But it was Anthony Stranger-Jones who turned in the best 1K performance of 2001, scoring 83.91%. Congratulations, Anthony!

Congratulations also to Derek Paterson, for a performance over 80%.

Well done also to Alex Slade, setting a new record for the over 6 age group of
6 mins 10 seconds!!

Club Championship 1k (24 May 2003)

Grethe Petersen and Andrew Greenaway, winners of the Womens and Mens 2003 1km race along Rotten Row - a pb for Grethe and a first time for Andrew

Club Championship 1k (17 Jul 2004)

This morning we held our 1k club championship in Hyde park. The race was attended by 44 runners between 9 years and over 65 years.

The men's race was won by Andy Reeves in a time of 2:40 minutes, 3 seconds in front of Paul Perry and 10 seconds in front of Ruairi Maciver. Just behind this Andy Davies was racing Paul Fromme for the lead in the club championship table.

Grethe Petersen defended her women's title in 3:23, finishing in front of Marie-Aline Perrier and a strong finishing Sarah Newton. Now you have to come back from America next year to defend your title again.

The men's B-final was won by Nick Slade but more important here was Robert Maslen running a 18 seconds PB and pushing himself up to the 3rd spot in the club championship table.

Best age graded performance was run by Eddie Brocklesby in a time of 3:48 which gives her a score of 84.2%. We had 4 more performances over 80% by Andy Reeves, Paul Perry, Brian Harris and Ruairi Maciver.

Best performance not at the top of any table was done by 9 year old Alex Slade, running the 1k in 4:43. Also Nadya Labib did her first ever "short" race in 4:29.

New life member Owen Barder was presenting the race winners with their winners shield.

Club Championship 1k (16 Jul 2005)

Congratulation to all 52 runners who finished the race today. The race took place on Rotten Row in Hyde park and was run in perfect condition (warm and slightly downhill).

Also once again congratulations to Emma Calderbank for winning the women's race and to and Andy Reeves for defending his title against very strong competition. Congratulations also to David McGregor for winning another age-graded title.

Emma was winning the ladies race by a big margin of 23 seconds. Again Sarah Newton came second. Penny Thorn came 3rd, just keeping Valerie Metcalfe out of the top 3. Andy didn't win by a big margin, but you might now that he outsprints everybody he can see within the finish straight, and a 1k race in a straight line just is a sprint for him. Massimiliano Monteforte came 2nd today and Paul Perry came 3rd.

There were a lot of other great age-graded performances, 7 runners (Dave, Andy R., Andy M., Massimiliano, Ruairi, Brad, Sarah) scored more than 80%.

In the overall championship table 3 people have finished 6 races so far. Andy Reeves scored an average of 78 % and is leading in front of Frank Markey and Simon Bamphylde. However, Sarah Newton has finished 5 races so far and looks ready to take over from Andy after the mile race next Thursday. Andy, you better score some more points.

Thanks to David Knight for putting the results online so fast while also producing some great pictures at the same time.

I would also like to thank all other helpers, John Walker for being the starter, Bev Thomas for time keeping, Laura Denness, Paul Flood and Anthony Stranger Jones for taking numbers, Audrey Lee for providing first aid coverage (which thankfully was not needed) and Gowan Clews, Ashok Jamdagni for marshalling on the course.

Club Championship 1k (15 Jul 2006)

Our 2006 1km Championship was held in almost ideal conditions with only a light headwind to affect the runners. With a record 59 competitors, we held 5 races.
In the first of these, Cliff Hyde won from David Smart and Brian Pickles. The second wave saw JT Wong out kick Rob Howells and Bruce Ayling to secure a narrow win.
It was then the turn of the ladies. In their first race, Sue-Ellen Horrocks headed Sarah Newton and Jeanette Mueller. In the second race, Karen Hancock took the women

Club Championship 1k (30 Jun 2007)

A record turnout for the annual sprint down Rotten Row required 5 waves this year. Conditions were wet underfoot and it rained heavily much of the time but that didn't stop Andy Reeves claiming first place again. Meanwhile Penny Thorn had a much tougher battle with Holly Wilkinson to win the ladies race.

Club Championship 1k (19 Jul 2008)

Today's second race in 2008 Grand Prix saw 57 runners charge down Rotten Row, in Hyde Park in 4 waves. And as the results show both the men's and women's races were extremely hard fought right to the line.

The men's winner was Martin Gaunt in 2.30 which means he is now the fastest runner of the Grand Prix 1K.
Andy Reeves was the age graded champion and his time of 2.31 puts him in second position of the All time best 1K performances.
Plus Nick Torry joins them at number 3 and Hugh Torry at number 6 in the All time best 1K performances.

The women's race was just as exciting with Marielle Vestlund holding off Pam Rutherford and Louisa Croxson to win in 3.07. Her time puts her in 4th position of All time best 1K performances and Pam, Louisa and Penny Thorn join her in 5th, 6th and 7th positions

Congratulations to all our winners.

Club Championship 1k (14 Aug 2010)

Helpers were:
Malcolm French, Lisa Pettit, Lars Olsen, Christopher Abele, James Adams, Stephen Easley, Malcolm Dennis, Paula Leushing, Bev Thomas, Anthony Stranger-Jones, Jennifer Bradley, Sylvie Lloyd, Nicola Barberis, Keith Bloomer (Anna's Dad), Alex Pearson, Andrew Taylor (first aider - not used thankfully).

Club Championship 1k (16 Jul 2016)

Third win out of three for Helen in the 2016 series.

Club Championship 1k (17 Jul 2021)

Venue: Hyde Park