Grievance Procedure

We understand that most participants in athletics are volunteers and they participate because they want to. However, there are certain standards of behaviour that we expect from you and unfortunately there are occasions when these standards are not reached. In these circumstances we provided below the Club’s Grievance Procedure to ensure that any issues are dealt with fairly and appropriately.

Step one

If you have a grievance that involves another member (including coaches, volunteers, committee members …etc.), you should first of all try to resolve the matter by speaking directly with the other member about the matter, if possible. The discussion should be conducted with courtesy and to reach a resolution as soon as possible.

Step two

If you do not wish to discuss the matter directly with the other member or would like additional assistance, you can contact the Welfare Officers who can investigate and assist on the matter. To the extent that you can, please provide as much details as possible on the following:

  • What has been happening or has happened?
  • Who are the members involved?
  • What contact (if any) have you made with the member?
  • What steps (if any) have you taken to resolve the matter on your own?
  • What would you like to happen, e.g. ideal resolution?

Step three

The Welfare Officer will investigate the matter as soon as practicable. If the grievance is against an individual, such individual may be invited to respond to the grievance by the Welfare Officer at the earliest opportunity. In seeking to resolve the grievance, the Welfare Officer may request for more time to investigate, suspend the investigation or defer the decision if more information is required.

Step four

After the investigation is completed, the Welfare Officers shall inform you and all relevant parties on how the matter should be settled and update the Committee on the matter and related settlement at the next earliest Committee meeting.

If you are not satisfied with the settlement/resolution provided by the Welfare Officer, you may request the Committee to review the matter. In the event that the matter involves a person on the Committee, then that individual shall excuse him/herself from the review process.

If the settlement/resolution involves disciplining or excluding a member from the Club’s membership, such decision must be made in accordance with the Club Rules on Disciplinary Procedure and not by the Welfare Officer.