Becoming a Triathlon Official

As with all triathlon clubs, Serpentine needs technical officials to run its races and to help support the ever increasing number of local events being held. British Triathlon and Triathlon England operate a national training and licensing programme for officials, with a five-level structure from Local Technical Official to International Technical Official. More information is available from Triathlon England.

If you are interested in becoming an official there are regular training programmes and the club will pay for your training if you intend to come and officiate for us.

If you are already a qualified or experienced official we would love to hear from you. We can also support you in progressing through the Triathlon England Race Officials Education Programme.


British Triathlon and ITU Officiating Pathway

Local Technical Official (Triathlon England)

The LTO qualification is aimed at individuals who are interested in beoming a race official and has been designed to provide attendees with the knowledge required to begin officiating as well as covering the soft skills needed to develop as an official.

Regional Technical Official (Triathlon England)

The RTO course is the next step on the officiating pathway and builds upon the skills and knowledge gained during the course of training and operating as an LTO and further develops these while adding to them.

National Technical Official (British Triathlon)

The content of the NTO course is designed to enable officials to progress from being part of the officiating team at a British Triathlon or Triathlon England Major Event to become the Chief Official for one of these events.  The course also covers the information required to be eligible to begin officiating as part of the technical team at ITU and ETU events.

Continental Technical Official (ITU)

Completion of the Continental Technical Official (CTO) course provides candidates with the theoretical and practical training required to officiate as part of the Technical Officials team at International events or as the Technical Delegate at Continental (European) events.

International Technical Official (ITU)

The International Technical Official (ITO) qualification is the highest level available and provides officials with the information required to be the Technical Delegate at the highest level of International events.