Leading Runs and Cycle Rides


Leading Runs and Cycle Rides

Every week we need people to lead group runs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, as well as lead our regular weekend cycle rides. You don’t need any experience to do this, just a bit of enthusiasm and the motivation to get people going!

For Run Leaders, we have a number of accredited run leaders, please see this link.

For more information on leading run groups email the committee running or triathlon coaching and fitness representatives; or to find out more about leading cycle groups contact the cycling co-ordinator.

Taking it further

If you regularly assist in the leading of runs or cycle groups the club or would like to organise a club run at a time/location which suits you better, why not qualify as a run leader or cycle leader. To find out more

Learn more about running coaching
Learn more about triathlon coaching


Run coaching:  running@serpentine.org.uk

Triathlon coaching: triathlon@serpentine.org.uk