Licenced Triathlon Coaches

Serpentine has a large membership and a very few hard-working, unpaid triathlon coaches who have earned accreditation from our sport’s governing body — British Triathlon — or from other relevant organisations such as the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) or Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). More coaches are always welcome. See the British Triathlon website and the information in our volunteering section to find out what is involved in becoming a coach. The club can provide financial assistance towards the cost of coaching courses. Contact the committee’s triathlon representative for more information.

Licenced triathlon coaches

Margaret Sills Margaret Sills
Beate Vogt Beate Vogt
Noon EtienneLicense: Swim Teacher L3 (Swim England ASA)

Current involvement:

  • Monday swim sessions (coach)

Available to members for one-to-one coaching? Yes

Based: Victoria, Central London

Additional information: I currently hold Swim England ASA swim teachers’ levels 1, 2 & 3. I also coach and teach at Queen Mother Sports Centre on Tuesday evening and Wednesday mornings.

Ludovica Bruno Ludovica Bruno
Debbie Croydon Debbie Croydon
Alex Elferink Alex Elferink
Stephanie Muth Stephanie Muth
Coach Lan Lan O’Connor
Stefano Pardi Stefano Pardi
James Richens
Paul Wilson Paul Wilson
Coach Aga Aga WicinskaLicense: Triathlon L2

Current involvement:

  • Cycling training (leader)

Available to members for one-to-one coaching? Yes

Based: SW London

Additional information: –