Tuesdays at Maida Vale


Tuesdays at Maida Vale

Our Endurance track session on Tuesdays is delivered by the following qualified England Athletics coaches: Gavin Edmonds – Athletics Coach Endurance; Will Tucker and Ewan Maynard – Assistant Athletics Coaches; Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) – Lina Ambruleviciute; Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) – James Gillanders.

The sessions are for Event Specific Endurance Athletes and Triathletes. If this title sounds confusing, Event Specific is the level up from Foundation in the England Athletics classification. The levels are Fundamental (Juniors), Foundation, Event Specific, Performance, Elite.

You should have a specific time based goal to attend this session and know your current paces and lap times, ie 3k, 5k, 10k pace, etc.

There is no minimum standard for this session but you should be running at least 30 miles per week over 4-7 runs. For Triathletes this may be 3 runs a week and not neccessarily 30 miles but you would ideally be around sub 2:45 for an Olympic diatance triathlon.

Times: Meet punctually at 7pm by the sprint lanes/ main start line for a dynamic warmup and drills, having already jogged 1km. The session finishes around 8pm.

Contact: The criteria is stated above and if you have any questions about your training please feel welcome to contact Gavin gavinedmonds@yahoo.co.uk

Location: Paddington Rec Track, Maida Vale. There is no fee for the track. Bags can be left by the sprint lanes or there are lockers which require a returnable £1 coin. Showers and changing rooms cost £3.15 payable at reception.

If you are a committed runner or triathlete who is considering joining the club, you are welcome to join one of these sessions to try out the club.

Dynamic warm-up before session

9 Weeks Late Spring into Summer 2024

The programme builds 5k pace with some 3k work for speed and 10k for race endurance. You can probably spot the pattern of 5k pace every fortnight and the weeks inbetween alternating between 3k and 10k pace.

There are more important runs that make up a successfull endurance training schedule, so make sure you are also doing those! As always feel free to ask me for advice on racing, physiology, strength, nutrition, etc.

Date Main Set Paces Description
14th May 4-5 x 1200m 5k pace / 200m jog / ‘light’ 50m pickup at 250m, 550m, 850m, 1150m 5k Long reps with frequent pickups
21st May 6 x 800m 3k pace / 400m jog / 4 x 100m strides with 100m jog/walkback 3k Time for some nice longish 3k reps!
28th May 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m all 5k pace / 200m jog 5k A pyramid session…..
4th Jun Reverse Boxing 12 x 3’ / 60” 1st minute 5k-5m pace and next 2’ are 4 seconds a lap slower 10k-10m pace 5k/10k Our seasonal Boxing Session, this time the speed is at the start not the end of each rep
11th Jun 3 x 600m 5k pace / 3 x 800m 5k pace / 2-3 x 1000m 5k pace / 200m jog throughout 5k Building rep length for speed endurance
18th Jun 1000m 3k pace/ 90” rest / 5 x (600m 3k pace / 45” rest / 200m 3k pace) 90” rest between sets 3k Testing our 3k speed over a longer distance
25th Jun 3000m 5k pace / 4-5 x 800m 5k pace / 200m jog 5k 2 weeks out from the Club Championship 5k, testing race pace at a longer distance
2nd Jul 6-7 x 1100m 10k pace / 100m jog in 60 seconds 10k Cruising at 10k pace for the endurance and race feel
9th Jul Club Championship 5k – NO SESSION Please see the club website and Event Planner for more details
16th Jul 1000m Mile pace / 2’ 30”/ 8 x 400m 3k pace / 2’ 30” slow walk rest between reps / 4 x 100m strides with 100m jog/walkback 1m/3k Testing our mile pace for the Club Championship Mile in 2 weeks and some more 3k work for the 3000m Club Championship next week
23rd Jul Club Championship 3000m – NO SESSION Please see the club website and Event Planner for more details
30th Jul Club Championship 1 Mile – NO SESSION Please see the club website and Event Planner for more details