Lanzarote Trip – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer frequently asked questions here. If you have any specific questions, please email one of the team at lanzarote@serpentine.org.uk.

Q: Is the Lanzarote trip a training camp or a holiday?

It can be both and it is down to the individual to take part in as many or few activities as they would like. All running/swimming/cycling activities have groups that cater for all abilities, from beginners to experienced athletes. And it is not essential to do every Serpie organised activity on every day: you are able to go on day trips to other parts of the island, take part in some of the other activities on offer at Club La Santa (for example windsurfing, kayaking, tennis etc.) or just relax by the pool.

Q: Why are there two different end dates?

The regular Serpentine trip runs from the second to the third Thursday of March, but you have the option to stay on for an extra 3 days until Sunday after (at an additional cost). So for one more day of annual leave, you’ll get 3 more days out in Lanzarote. Both trips are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: What will I miss out on if I only stay 7 days?

We hope to run the usual Serpie activities like the Mini-Tri, BBQ and the last night dinner at their usual times over the first 7 days. The additional days will be much less structured with fewer pre-organised activities and no coaching. People will organise their own bike rides, runs, etc. Some morning swim lanes have been booked during this time for your use.

Q: Can I share a room if I don’t know anyone?

If you want to share a room but don’t know any other Serpies going on the trip, note that on your booking form and we will allocate you to a room with other Serpies. Feel free to provide further information e.g. female only room, older room-mates etc. It’s a great way to get to know people!

Q: How can I get to know other people going on the trip?

There will be an introductory welcome for new people on the first night just before the BBQ and everyone is always very friendly and welcoming!

Q: What is the full cost of the trip?

The prices vary every year. Staying in a single room costs significantly more than a room shared with six people. The booking form lists the price per person for each room size. The package price includes all the other costs: coaching, planned activities (wine tasting, Mini-tri…) but not the first/last night dinners which are optional and will be organised separately (we hope – subject to social distancing requirements!). Please note flights and transfers are not included, you will need to book your own flights (including bike carriage if required).  We hope to be able to arrange transfers for most flights at an additional cost, these will be organised separately.

Q: I can’t stay for the full trip, can I still come?

Only if you book your trip totally independently. We can only offer the package for 7 or 10 days.

Q: What happens if all the places fill up?

In the event that all places fill up, we will have a wait list at the ready in case of any last minute drop outs.

Q: What’s the best way to get a big room?

Book as quickly as possible! The big rooms go quickly. If you don’t get your booking in soon, you will probably not be able to choose your preferred apartment (and roommates!).

Q: Can I still go on the bike rides even if I don’t have my own bike?

Yes – Club La Santa has a number of road bikes that can be hired free in half-day blocks, subject to availability. The half-day blocks can also be booked together to make a full day allowing you to go on the longer rides. But please note availability is limited. Booking is to be made through the La Santa app and can be secured up to 2 days in advance.

You can also rent one for 3+ days in advance. You must book in advance to do this – renting a bike for 3+ days can no longer be done on arrival at Club La Santa.

Q: Where can I rent a bike from in Lanzarote?

Bikes can be rented for a longer period either from Club La Santa directly or from Pro Bike (a bike shop in La Santa village)

To reserve a bike for the full week with Club La Santa directly, book online from Club La Santa. You must book well in advance for this option.

If you prefer to hire a bike from Pro Bike, please contact them through their website at probikelanzarote.com.

If you do a Google search, you’ll easily find other bike shops that rent bikes and often deliver them to Club La Santa.

Q: Why are the single and double rooms so expensive?

Club La Santa does not have single or double rooms. You are actually paying for a room that could accommodate three people.

Q: Why are the 4-person rooms so expensive?

Similar to above, Club La Santa does not have a 4-person room. Each person in a 4-person room is paying for the empty space in a 6-person room.

Q: Could I get placed in a single/double/4-person room without requesting it?

Not normally. You will only get placed in these more-expensive rooms if you specifically request it. For instance, some couples prefer paying extra to stay on their own in a double or share with another couple in a 4-person room. If you get put in a double room without requesting it (usually because the numbers don’t work or there’s a late cancellation), you will only pay the 3-person price. If the people you wish to share with are in one of these rooms then you’ll need to decide between staying with them or being in a cheaper room.

Q: What are the room layouts?

The three-person rooms (and single/double rooms) have a bedroom with two single beds, a single sofa bed in the lounge and one bathroom.

The six-person rooms have two bedrooms with two single beds each, two single sofa beds in the lounge and two bathrooms.

All rooms have basic kitchens for self-catering and an outdoor patio.

Q: What are the food options at Club La Santa?

There is a supermarket at Club La Santa and fairly basic cooking facilities. There are four restaurants of varying prices on site, and several good restaurants in the village of La Santa which is 2.5km away.

Q: What internet/WIFI access is there?

There is good WiFi access in the complex but it could be limited in certain rooms. However, the central area with a nearby bar and seating has good access.