The Monopoly Run (15.7 miles)


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Route Summary

Distance 15.7
Traffic-Free 3/10
Hills 1/10


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Route details

A 15.7 mile run through the streets of London along the London monopoly board. Best done early morning when the streets are quiet as this routes passes through some very busy areas. Not recommended daytime or evening.


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Start and finish

The route starts and finishes at the Seymour Leisure Centre, where Serpentine members can use the shower and changing facilities. The Seymour Leisure Centre is on Seymour Place, W1H 5TH.

There are public toilets at Marble Arch.

Map of Seymour Centre

“Digital Data © Geoinformation Group (2003)”

Route details

Mile Directions
0 Start at the Seymour Centre
1.0 PARK LANE = Grosvenor House
1.0 MAYFAIR = Berkeley Square
1.7 BOND STREET = Southeby’s
2.0 OXFORD STREET = John Lewis’s
2.5 REGENTS STREET = Cafe Royal
2.6 VINE STREET = Vine Street
2.7 PICCADILLY CIRCUS = Statue of Eros
2.8 COVENTRY STREET = Trocadero
3.0 PALL MALL = Pall Mall (junction with Haymarket)
3.1 TRAFALGAR SQUARE = Nelson’s Column
3.2 WHITEHALL = Old Admiralty Buildings
3.3 NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE = “The Sherlock Holmes” Pub
3.6 LEICESTER SQUARE = The Hippodrome
4.0 BOW STREET = Royal Opera House
4.3 THE STRAND = King’s College
4.7 FLEET STREET = “Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese”
5.7 ELECTRIC COMPANY = The Tate Modern
6.0 JAIL = The Clink Museum
6.2 WATERWORKS = Site of old London Waterworks, London Bridge (the Disco Lights under the Bridge on Tooley Street)
7.4 OLD KENT ROAD = Old Kent Road roundabout
9.0 FENCHURCH STREET STATION = “Coopers Row (back) Entrance”
9.7 WHITECHAPEL = Start of Whitechapel Road near Aldgate Tube
12.5 ANGEL ISLINGTON = The Angel Centre
13.0 PENTONVILLE ROAD = Joseph Grimaldi Park
13.4 KINGS CROSS STATION = Main entrance
13.8 EUSTON ROAD = Euston station
15.3 MARYLEBONE STATION = Opposite the main entrance
15.7 Finish at the Seymour Centre