Regents Park and Primrose Hill (2.8 – 5.0 miles)


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Distance 2.8 –
Traffic-Free 9/10
Hills 7/10


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A circuit of Regents Park. This is 2.8 miles: to lengthen the run, you can go through Primrose Hill and along some side streets to get up to Hampstead Heath (route 7).


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Start and finish

This route starts and finishes at Regents Park running track. (Note: running track is not full 400 meters) Map of Regents Park Track

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Route details

Mile Directions
0 Start of run outside of running track Follow the red lines and it will take east in a clockwise direction around the park. Run along road towards London Zoo.
0.1 Cross road and enter park at Primrose Bridge Gate. You will see three paths, you want to take the left most path as it will take you on the west side of the London Zoo.
0.5 The foot path curves around stay on left hand path until the fountain is in front of you. At that point, take the right path and cross with fountain on your left. You will come to two paths, take the left hand path which will take you through Cumberland Green.
0.9 At the end of the Green is a gate. Exit this gate cross Chester Road so you enter the next gate which will take you through the English Gardens which is full of interesting stone statues.
1.1 To avoid exiting the park, follow the path turning right (with the Elephant stone statue on the right). This path will take you past two fountains and along the path that runs parallel to the Outer Road.
1.5 At the gate, cross over York Bridge Road and get back on the footpath that will take you along the side of the Boating Late.
1.7 Running along the boating lake, having passed the Clarence Bridge on your right, the path will fork. Take the left fork of the path .
2.1 The path ends at a T-junction. At this point, the London Mosque will be on your left. Turn right and run away from the Mosque crossing the Hanover Foot bridge.
2.2 Once over the footbridge, there will be toilets on your left hand side. Continue through the park taking the left most path.
2.5 The path ends at the Charlbert Bridge Gate and this takes you to the Outer Road. Turn right and run back towards the track.
2.8 Regents Park Track – end of the run of Regents Park run.
To continue, follow the blue line and run to the bridge on the eastern end of the track. Cross the Primrose Hill Bridge taking you out to Prince Albert Road. Run right along the road and cross at the zebra crossing to enter Primrose Hill.
2.9 At the entrance to Primrose Hill Park, take the left most path of the three paths. Bear right when the path splits. This will take you straight up the hill but not to the top of the hill.
3.4 After you pass the crest of the hill, descend steeply toward the school.
3.5 Exit Primrose Hill Park when the path ends at the road. Turn left and run on Primrose Hill Road. Cross over Adelaide Road at the traffic signals passing Hampstead Britannia Hotel on your right.
4.0 Bear left at the Geo. Washington pub on to Belize Park Gardens. Take the first right turn on to Belize Grove.
4.2 Belsize Grove ends at Haverstock Hill so cross over straight on to Downside Crescent.
4.3 Run along Downside Crescent until it ends and turn left on to Lawn Road going down hill.
4.5 Cross over Fleet Road (a one-way road with the cars on your left) and continue running on Cressy Place. You will then cross Agincourt Road still running on Cressy Place.
4.6 Cressy Place ends in a T-junction at Constantine Road – turn to the right and run down the road.
4.5 The entrance to the park will be on your left hand side at a set of gates where there are some stairs leading up to the Heath. Head up the steps and cross over the bridge over the railway tracks. Make a hard right and follow the path running along until the running track.
You are now at the start of route 7.