Sunday League 5M: 20 November 2011

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All runners

Pos arrow Name arrow Time arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Pace arrow
1 1 Ebrima Noble 29:01 V40 Serpentine 5:50
2 2 Dave Morgan 30:06 SM Serpentine 6:03
3 3 Gregg Ward 30:28 SM Serpentine 6:08
4 4 Alex Elferink 33:32 V35 Serpentine 6:45
5 5 Carla Denneny 34:22 SL Serpentine 6:55
6 6 Joel Lancaster 34:29 SM Serpentine 6:56
7 7 Michael Eyre 34:34 SM Serpentine 6:57
8 8 Alex Malzer 36:20 V40 Serpentine 7:18
9 9 Tim Surzyn 36:37 SM Serpentine 7:22
10 10 Wendy Mathie 36:37 SL Serpentine 7:22
11 11 William Simpson 39:06 V50 Serpentine 7:52
12 12 Richard Long 40:27 V60 Serpentine 8:08
13 13 Cheryl Sacks 40:31 FV40 Serpentine 8:09
14 14 Valerie Metcalf 40:35 FV45 Serpentine 8:10
15 15 Chris Notton 40:42 V35 Serpentine 8:11
16 16 Graham Carson 41:27 V60 Serpentine 8:20
17 17 Sarah Amos 41:54 FV35 Serpentine 8:26
18 18 Stephanie Vaatz 42:54 FV35 Serpentine 8:38
19 19 George Allan 44:05 V55 Serpentine 8:52
20 20 Richard Smith 45:09 V55 Serpentine 9:05
21 21 Phil Skeffington 45:36 FV45 Serpentine 9:10
22 22 Teresa Griffith 46:29 FV50 Serpentine 9:21
23 23 Michael Woodcock 46:40 V65 Serpentine 9:23
24 24 Sally Hodge 47:34 FV50 Serpentine 9:34

Race conditions

Firm underfoot, mild, fog


Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters.

Distance: c. 5.1 miles.

The next Sunday League race is on 11 December in Cassiobury Park, Cockfosters, starting at 10.30am.

For our second race this season, we were treated to a trail run around
Trent Park.

We were led home in Noble style, with our first Serpie taking third place
in the race. He was one of several who had competed the previous day,
including back for Moregan who Ward-ed off our next man, who was
disappointed with his run. Encouraged by French cries of 'Allez, Al E',
our next contender went for it in his first ever Sunday League race.

Our next newcomer came fourth in the ladies race, Dennenying her closest
rival by just one second. The next runners to be caJoeled towards the
finish line were Eyre-ily close behind her. The A.M. drew on and the next
man's Timing placed him comfortably in the men's 'A' team.

Our second lady Wended her way skilfully around the course. Then after
great Will and Long effort, two more of our ladies finally approached the
home straight. I was overtaken on the last uphill, but found reserve Sacks
of energy. My team mate Valiantly let re-me pass and a permanent change in
positions was Notton. The next runners applied every Gra'm of muscle, with
a successful S.A. to grab the final place in the ladies 'A' team.

We watched more of our team Steph into view, and by George they did well.
No-one's performance is to be Smiffed at. The sky was still Philled with
mist, but the end was in sight for our T'ri athlete. When Wouldcock
emerge? We Hodged our bets as we were offered no Clewes.

We were Robbed of some of our regulars on Sunday, and without Hindsight my
team trophy hopes took some Knox. I Jenuinely look forward to your return,
and to seeing the first-timers again at the next race.


Race helpers

Gowan Clewes

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