Sunday League 5M: 23 October 2011

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All runners

Pos arrow Name arrow Time arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Pace arrow
1 1 Ebrima Noble 29:05 V40 Serpentine 5:51
2 2 Gregg Ward 29:30 SM Westbury Harriers 5:56
3 3 Richard Mathie 29:57 SM Kingston & Poly 6:01
4 4 Michael Stainton 32:05 V50 Serpentine 6:27
5 5 Robert Crangle 33:20 V50 Serpentine 6:42
6 6 Peter Gibbons 33:34 V40 Serpentine 6:45
7 7 Richard Taylor 34:37 V35 Serpentine 6:58
8 8 Sarah Knox 36:18 FV40 Serpentine 7:18
9 9 Ian Johnson 36:22 V40 Serpentine 7:19
10 10 Alex Pearson 36:30 V35 Serpentine 7:20
11 11 Wendy Mathie 36:39 SL Serpentine 7:22
12 12 Neil Lock 38:11 SM Serpentine 7:41
13 13 David Hinds 38:23 V60 Serpentine 7:43
14 14 Chris Notton 39:26 V35 Serpentine 7:56
15 15 Valerie Metcalf 40:15 FV45 Serpentine 8:06
16 16 Caroline Morgan 40:21 SL Serpentine 8:07
17 17 Ian Hall 41:36 V55 Serpentine 8:22
18 18 Sarah Amos 41:38 FV35 Serpentine 8:22
19 19 Cheryl Sacks 41:53 FV40 Serpentine 8:25
20 20 Sarah Newton 42:25 FV50 Serpentine 8:32
21 21 Stephanie Vaatz 43:00 FV35 Serpentine 8:39
22 22 Sigrid Stangl 43:29 SL Serpentine 8:45
23 23 George Allan 44:03 V55 Serpentine 8:52
24 24 Michael Woodcock 48:24 V65 Serpentine 9:44

Race conditions

Mild, dry, firm under foot.


What a brilliant day and what a great Serpie turnout.

The first Sunday League race was blessed with fine weather - sunny, very
warm, and dry underfoot. Despite the early start, the race attracted the
usual crowd of around 300 runners. The course, described as 'gently
undulating', is an ideal opening race. It is a warm-up for some of the
'not-so-gently' undulating races to come later in the season.

At the start of the race, teams combined efforts to produce a pear puree,
as 600 feet (just a few spiked) charged through some ill-fated windfalls.
Then concentration resumed, and runners jostled for position in the single
file string of runners that is often seen in cross country races. Cheshunt
Park offers a very open course, so at most points in the race you can see
these colourful strings of club colours stretching out ahead (speaking
from my perspective - not if you're at the front).

I was very pleased to see many of previous seasons' regular runners
return, and also to welcome many newcomers. We totalled 24 Serpie runners
and a guest runner (we're working on him, next race...).

Our numbers enabled us to form two ladies and two men's teams. Our Ladies
'A' team finished fourth, and our 'B' team finished second. The men's 'A'
and 'B' teams each finished 8th. This may be due to a high proportion of
vet men, compared to other clubs. This reflects favourably in our vet
men's excellent third place.

Well done all.


Race helpers

Gowan Clewes, Malcolm French

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