St Albans Fred Hughes 10M: 24 January 2010

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All runners

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1 1 Joe Thompson 1:01:20 SM Unattached 72.9% 6:08
2 2 Andrew Sinclair 1:05:14 V35 Serpentine 70.7% 6:31
3 3 Martin Carmack 1:06:24 V40 Serpentine 70.1% 6:38
4 4 Liz Wynn 1:06:42 SL Serpentine 74.7% 6:40
5 5 Patrick Waldron 1:11:25 V40 Serpentine 65.6% 7:08
6 6 Chris Notton 1:14:07 V35 Serpentine 60.6% 7:25
7 7 Poppy Lenton 1:15:32 FV35 Serpentine 66.5% 7:33
8 8 Joanna Conn 1:16:52 FV35 Serpentine 66.5% 7:41
9 9 David Hinds 1:17:25 V55 Serpentine 70.4% 7:44
10 10 Matt Taylor 1:19:05 SM Serpentine 56.6% 7:54
11 11 Andrew Van Heiningen 1:20:59 V40 Serpentine 59.3% 8:06
12 12 Katie Levy 1:24:58 SL Serpentine 58.9% 8:30
13 13 Shusanah Pillinger 1:29:24 SL Serpentine 55.8% 8:56
14 14 Susan Kennedy 1:30:23 FV45 Serpentine 62.1% 9:02
15 15 Celine Pasty 1:37:14 SL Serpentine 51.2% 9:43
16 16 Sian Griffiths 1:55:03 FV45 Serpentine 48.8% 11:30

Race conditions

Cool and overcast


This year saw some changes. The new race HQ at St Columbas College was much closer to the centre of St Albans and the railway stations than the previous HQ and offered much improved parking. The route was also new (or to be more exact a reversion to an older route). It avoided the very narrow start which characterised the previous route. We left urban St Albans almost immediately and emerged into the countryside. A couple of miles out the route switched into an interesting double loop, first east then west, before doubling back to the start. The most notable difference was that this year's course was quite hilly, which made it a suitably challenging addition to the early stages of a marathon training programme. By the time we had walked back to the race HQ from the finish the results were already being posted up on the wall, which was impressive. It was a pity that the chip timing only worked at the finish and not at the start, but the wider starting area helped to minimise the lost seconds resulting from that. All in all a fine race, well organised and well marshalled and fun to run.

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