Meon Valley Plod 21M: 11 February 2007

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1 1 Andrew Reeves 2:25:35 V35 Serpentine 7:06
2 2 Lucy Brooks 2:38:28 FV35 Serpentine 7:44
3 3 Steve Hilton 2:38:28 V35 Serpentine 7:44
4 4 Andrew Henderson 2:41:52 V40 Serpentine 7:54
5 5 Patrick Green 2:51:10 V75 Serpentine 8:21
6 6 Kenny MacLeod 3:07:23 V35 Serpentine 9:08
7 7 Louise Croxson 3:10:05 SL Serpentine 9:16
8 8 Tom Fry 3:15:06 SM Serpentine 9:31
9 9 Ben Rowlands 3:17:16 SM Serpentine 9:37
10 10 Katie Crowe 3:22:08 SL Serpentine 9:51
11 11 Mike Garvin 3:29:18 V35 Serpentine 10:12
12 12 Antonio Latorre 3:29:48 V40 Serpentine 10:14
13 13 Rosie Ingram 3:35:00 SL Serpentine 10:29


A group of (fool)hardy Serpies made the annual pligrimage to Meon valley last Sunday for the Plod and once again made a clean sweep of the prizes (well - nearly...). There were also some great PBs and first timers.

The course was different from previous years with 10 miles of totally new roads, tracks and mud paths. But for those who have experienced this event you will appreciate that once again the first grassy too-steep-to-run hill was present, as was the rutted-muddy-bit at the foot of a hill, the black-stinking-quagmire through the wood and of course the 270m slog up Butser Hill.

After the obligatory hose down the results were clear: Lucy Brooks was 1st lady (again) and we won both mens team and womens team by a mile. The Mens team comprised Andrew Reeves (4th), Steve Hilton (10th) and Andrew Henderson (12th). the Women\'s team comprised Lucy (9th), Katie Crowe and Rosie Ingram. (Louise Croxson was 3rd woman but due to some clerical mis-hap was not down as Serpentine).

Other intrepid Plodders included Paddy Green (4th male Serpie home), Mike Garvin & Kenny Macleod. Thanks to the injured Andy Robbins for much needed cheering en-route.

Weather was very changeable with driving horizontal rain one minute and blazing (!) sun the next. Ground trecherous underfoot. Mud rating 8/10 (Middlesex X-country = 10/10). Organisation and water/food stations 10/10.

If you fancy something a bit different to the normal 20 mile Sunday long run next year - try this!

Race report by Andrew Reeves

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