Moor Park 10k: 8 September 2002

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1 1 David McGregor 36:23 V45 Serpentine 80.0% 5:51
2 2 Rachel MacKenzie 43:17 FV40 Serpentine 72.7% 6:58
3 3 David MacKenzie 43:36 V50 Serpentine 70.6% 7:01
4 4 Sarah Newton 44:33 FV45 Serpentine 73.1% 7:10
5 5 Jeffrey Prestridge 46:33 V40 Serpentine 61.2% 7:29
6 6 Martin Garrett 47:15 V45 Serpentine 62.6% 7:36
7 7 Jeannette Mueller 49:55 SL Serpentine 59.9% 8:02
8 8 Jill Hickman 52:33 FV45 Serpentine 63.6% 8:27
9 9 David Lipscomb 55:10 V35 Serpentine 49.8% 8:53
10 10 Richard Wisdom 57:07 V50 Serpentine 54.4% 9:11
11 11 Carole Wisdom 57:57 FV40 Serpentine 55.7% 9:19


Having run in Reykjavik, I thought it was time to enter a more local race !!, one stop further down the Metropolitan Line to be precise.
I also entered as I thought the number of “Serpies” entering would be few and far between, well on that score I was wrong as 11 “Serpies” took to the start line.
The course itself does not lend itself to P.Bs , with the first 2K run on grass within the extensive grounds of Merchant Taylors School, before going out onto the traffic free Moor Park Estate which includes a hill up to Moor Park Mansion itself between the 3K and 5K Markers. The race re-enters the school for the last 1k which again is on grass.
The race itself was well organised and it was great to run without any traffic around you.
Six out of the Eleven “ Serpies” who ran came away with Prizes, with Dave McGregor winning the race and the Ladies Team of Rachel Mackenzie, Sarah Newton, Jeanette Muller and Jill Hickman winning the Ladies team prize. The other “Serpie” Prize winner was Dave Mackenzie.

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