Edinburgh Marathon: 11 June 2006

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All runners

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1 1 Lars Olsen 3:09:57 V45 Serpentine 70.4% 7:15
2 2 Ian Smith 3:12:31 V45 Unattached 71.6% 7:20
3 3 Robert Crangle 3:15:02 V40 Serpentine 68.1% 7:26
4 4 Kevin Couchman 3:16:42 V35 Serpentine 65.1% 7:30
5 5 Peter Grecian 3:24:03 V40 Serpentine 64.1% 7:47
6 6 Harry Noble 3:26:10 V55 Serpentine 72.7% 7:52
7 7 Emma Waterfall 3:55:01 SL Serpentine 59.1% 8:58
8 8 Yuko Blair-Smith 3:55:59 FV45 Serpentine 63.5% 9:00
9 9 John Wright 3:57:31 V40 Serpentine 55.9% 9:03
10 10 Shane Quinn 3:58:06 SM Serpentine 53.3% 9:05
11 11 Hope Sloly 4:05:28 SL Serpentine 56.6% 9:22
12 12 Deborah Somers 4:13:33 FV35 Unattached 54.9% 9:40
13 13 Anthony Worrall 4:17:48 SM Serpentine 49.2% 9:50
14 14 Sarah Appleby 4:23:06 SL Serpentine 52.8% 10:02
15 15 Gareth Brown 4:23:59 SM Unattached 48.0% 10:04
16 16 Philip Diamond 4:32:37 SM Serpentine 46.5% 10:24
17 17 Teresa Forgione 4:34:56 SL Serpentine 50.5% 10:29
18 18 Elizabeth Kerr 4:35:01 SL Unattached 50.5% 10:29

Race conditions

Hot and fine, but thankfully some cloud cover


Would really recommend this race, especially for a first timer marathoner: easy to get into and up there, scenic, well organised, relatively flat. Great start by the gardens in Princes Street (could have been more loos but that\'s usually the case) and fab finish in Holyrood Park despite the uphill sections just before it.

Importantly there was plenty of room to run your own race (though apparently loads of people didn\'t actually turn up due to the heat? maybe they were the sensible ones). Also a good number of water and energy stations offering various flavours, and a few people offering jelly babies :)

Spectators were thin on the ground in the middle section through an industrial estate but the spectacular coastal views before balanced that out. The householders with hosepipes as we got back into town under the midday sun were angels!

Couple of niggles

- It seemed like some of the mile markers were a bit erratic, especially in the late teens.
- There was a relay happening at the same time but even though those runners had stickers on their backs it\'s still a bit demoralizing to be passed by super-fresh people. Some of them then slowed down to walking along in the middle of the course. The enthusiastic marshals did a great job but it would be better if the relay runners stayed to one side.

NB. The Expo at Ocean Terminal was quite far out from the city centre so allow plenty of time to pick up your number.

Report by Sarah Appleby.

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