Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon: 3 August 2003

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All runners

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1 1 Stuart McLay 1:14:26 SM Unattached n/a 5:41
2 2 Jeremy Rogers 1:15:52 SM Tri London n/a 5:47
3 3 Tony Cummings 1:17:00 V40 Thurrock Harriers 80.6% 5:52
4 4 Ciaran Osbourne 1:17:18 SM Str of Croydon n/a 5:54
5 5 Jon Fairs 1:18:28 SM Serpentine 76.0% 5:59
6 6 Herman Mulder 1:19:02 SM London Irish AC n/a 6:02
7 7 Alex Sweet 1:19:36 SM London Heathside 74.9% 6:04
8 8 Richard Bober 1:28:12 V50 Shaftesbury Barnet H 75.3% 6:44
9 9 Penny Clayton 1:28:56 SL South West Road R n/a 6:47
10 10 P Clegg 1:31:44 V50 Grange Farm Trotters n/a 7:00
11 11 Dave Brooks 1:32:31 V60 Thurrock Harriers 78.4% 7:03
12 12 John Jarvis 1:34:13 V55 Serpentine 74.9% 7:11
13 13 K Alexander 1:34:34 SL Unattached n/a 7:13
14 14 Owen Barder 1:35:15 V35 Serpentine 62.6% 7:16
15 15 Patrick Collins 1:36:46 V60 Veterans AC n/a 7:23
16 16 Claire Macht 1:37:19 SL Unattached n/a 7:25
17 17 Vikki Lade 1:38:56 SL Unattached n/a 7:33
18 18 Sarah Newton 1:40:28 FV45 Serpentine 71.3% 7:40
19 19 Hilary Walker 1:40:28 FV45 Serpentine 73.2% 7:40
20 20 Julie Thomas 1:42:55 SL Unattached n/a 7:51
21 21 Robert Maslen 1:43:21 V50 Serpentine 64.8% 7:53
22 22 Phil Kelvin 1:43:52 FV50 Serpentine 72.2% 7:55
23 23 Sue Lambert 1:50:40 FV60 Serpentine 75.8% 8:26
24 24   1:59:20 Serpentine n/a 9:06
25 25 Frances Humphries 2:00:53 FV50 Unattached n/a 9:13
26 26 Mark Heywood 2:35:25 SM Serpentine 38.4% 11:51

Race conditions

Dry and warm


The Sri Chinmoy half marathon was run this morning on a beautiful day in Battersea Park. As 4 Serpies ended up running together for the majority of the race, Tony Smith, the organiser, became convinced we were having a committee meeting, we were all talking so much as we ran the 8 3/4 lap course. So, as an ex committee member and chief minute taker, I agreed to do the minutes of the race as discussed, bearing in mind that I do hold the theory that running addles your brains and can't therefore assume they are 100% accurate.
Present - Hilary Walker, Owen Barder, Robert Maslen, Sarah Newton.
Apologies for absence: John Jarvis - couldn't wait for us and went on ahead; Sue Lambert - started late and couldn't quite catch up.....

Agenda - none

Matters Arising - Heaps. A variety of topics were discussed, mulled over and agreed on or carried forward for further discussion and planning. They varied from running preparation for the Himalayan marathon, ask the Doc advice on blood donating, the David Kelly affair/Iraq war/will Blair survive this; the benefits of eating curry in 30 degrees, the beauty of Portofino, update on the website and race result postings; the best time to visit Venice; big birthdays looming to name but a few. All this was punctuated by the regular noises we all made - Owen's sqeaky shoes, Rob's rattling change, Hilary's 30 second bleeps for her speedwork and my internal camel sac - sloshing stomach. A peaceful kind of a morning.
Once all subjects had been fully debated, Owen left the meeting early on lap 6 and forged ahead; Rob decided to consolidate and repace, but Hilary and I decided we were still quorate and carried on. New subjects covered were getting back to fitness, triathlons and strengths, powerdrinks, the new fountains of Battersea and whether to give Tony Smith a quandry by continuing and finishing together, which we did.

So all in all a very pleasant race with good company and lovely surroundings to run in. Robert did a PB and Hilary and I received trophies, not bad going and all finished before 10am. Some of the more energetic contingent were going on to cycle and swim, and enjoy the best of the summer.
The last of the Sri Chinmoy 2 milers is tomorrow - I doubt there'll be as much chat then, but there's always the marathon in September....
Oh, by the way, I think the only question I didn't get answered was how old Hilary was when she did her 17 sub 3-05 and 5 (?) sub 3 hour marathons.....a hard record to beat I'd say.
Sarah Newton

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