Southern Athletics League (div 3): 10 August 2013

Braintree Leisure Centre, Panfield Lane

Men and women:  Together
  Meetings in this series:  


Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
100m hurdles Deanna Laforet 22.70 SL Serpentine 53.8% 2.00
100m hurdles Pam Rutherford 30.20 FV40 Serpentine 37.0% 3.00
400m hurdles Pam Rutherford 1:35.00 FV40 Serpentine 59.3% 3.00
400m hurdles Stephanie Vaatz 2:03.50 FV35 Serpentine 44.3% 5.00
1500m steeplechase Victoria Carter 5:50.80 FV40 Serpentine n/a 5.00
1500m steeplechase Ellen Castle 6:07.50 SL Serpentine n/a 5.00
1500m steeplechase Deanna Laforet 6:07.70 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
100m Anna Diamantopoulos 15.40 FV40 Serpentine 73.8% 3.00
100m Deanna Laforet 15.80 SL Serpentine 66.4% 3.00
200m Laura Carmichael 28.70 SL Serpentine 74.4% 3.00
200m Anna Diamantopoulos 31.90 FV40 Serpentine 73.5% 3.00
400m Laura Carmichael 1:02.60 SL Serpentine 76.0% 4.00
400m Amy Cope-Balchin 1:12.90 FV35 Serpentine 68.2% 4.00
800m Amy Cope-Balchin 2:41.20 FV35 Serpentine 70.3% 4.00
800m Lisa Pettit 2:56.50 FV45 Serpentine 69.0% 4.00
800m Stephanie Vaatz 3:35.40 FV35 Serpentine 53.1% 0.00
1500m Victoria Carter 5:11.00 FV40 Serpentine 80.7% 3.00
1500m Lisa Pettit 5:47.10 FV45 Serpentine 74.9% 4.00
3000m Victoria Brown 11:31.60 FV35 Serpentine 74.8% 5.00
3000m Gen Huss 13:33.90 SL Serpentine 61.6% 4.00
4x100m *Female  - Relay 1:04.00 2.00
- 4x100m(1) Laura Carmichael 0.00 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(2) Anna Diamantopoulos 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(3) Deanna Laforet 0.00 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(4) Gen Huss 0.00 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Female  - Relay 4:51.90 4.00
- 4x400m(1) Laura Carmichael 1:10.30 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Victoria Brown 1:09.90 FV35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Victoria Carter 1:15.90 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Deanna Laforet 1:13.80 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Female  - Relay 5:25.70 0.00
- 4x400m(1) Natasha Sheel 1:17.90 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Lisa Pettit 1:21.10 FV45 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Gen Huss 1:30.10 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Ellen Castle 1:16.50 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 600g Mary Davies 16.96m FV35 Serpentine 24.3% 2.00
Javelin 600g Laura Carmichael 11.53m SL Serpentine 15.8% 2.00
Discus 1kg Mary Davies 16.90m FV35 Serpentine 23.6% 2.00
Discus 1kg Pam Rutherford 11.07m FV40 Serpentine 16.0% 2.00
Shot 4kg Mary Davies 7.06m FV35 Serpentine 35.0% 2.00
Shot 4kg Pam Rutherford 4.38m FV40 Serpentine 22.7% 2.00
Hammer 4kg Mary Davies 26.51m FV35 Serpentine 42.4% 2.00
Hammer 4kg Stephanie Vaatz 12.61m FV35 Serpentine 20.2% 2.00
Long jump Ellen Castle 3.33m SL Serpentine 44.3% 2.00
Long jump Natasha Sheel 2.35m SL Serpentine 31.2% 3.00
Triple jump Natasha Sheel 7.15m SL Serpentine 46.1% 3.00
Triple jump Ellen Castle 6.95m SL Serpentine 44.8% 3.00
High jump Deanna Laforet 1.00m SL Serpentine 47.8% 4.00
High jump Natasha Sheel 1.00m SL Serpentine 47.8% 2.00
Pole vault Teresa Griffith 1.00m FV50 Serpentine 28.6% 5.00
Pole vault Deanna Laforet 1.00m SL Serpentine 19.4% 4.00


Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
110m hurdles David Robinson 21.50 V35 Serpentine 60.6% 3.00
110m hurdles Andrew Reeves 25.40 V40 Serpentine 54.5% 3.00
400m hurdles David Robinson 1:03.30 V35 Serpentine 77.4% 4.00
400m hurdles Richard Taylor 1:11.90 V35 Serpentine 68.9% 3.00
2000m steeplechase Nicola Barberis Negra 6:51.30 SM Serpentine 77.2% 5.00
2000m steeplechase Andrew Reeves 6:58.60 V40 Serpentine 82.5% 4.00
2000m steeplechase Daniel De Palol 7:44.40 V35 Serpentine 72.2% 0.00
100m Roberto Filannino 12.00 SM Serpentine 83.1% 4.00
100m David Robinson 13.30 V35 Serpentine 75.0% 2.00
100m Richard Taylor 13.90 V35 Serpentine 72.2% 0.00
200m Shenten Enoe 24.20 SM Serpentine 79.8% 4.00
200m Roberto Filannino 24.20 SM Serpentine 80.7% 4.00
400m Roberto Filannino 53.30 SM Serpentine 81.9% 3.00
400m Richard Taylor 1:02.60 V35 Serpentine 72.1% 2.00
400m William McAvock 1:04.30 V40 Serpentine 73.4% 0.00
400m Mark Kell 1:06.90 SM Serpentine 65.0% 0.00
800m Andrew Reeves 2:11.40 V40 Serpentine 83.2% 2.00
800m Daniel De Palol 2:17.70 V35 Serpentine 76.5% 2.00
800m William McAvock 2:29.30 V40 Serpentine 73.2% 0.00
800m Mark Kell 2:32.20 SM Serpentine 66.4% 0.00
1500m Will Green 4:19.60 V35 Serpentine 82.8% 4.00
1500m Dave Morgan 4:20.00 SM Serpentine 79.2% 4.00
1500m Martin O'Connell 4:30.50 SM Serpentine 76.2% 0.00
1500m Daniel De Palol 4:31.40 V35 Serpentine 80.0% 0.00
1500m Peter Gibbons 5:02.10 V40 Serpentine 73.3% 0.00
1500m William McAvock 5:11.30 V40 Serpentine 72.5% 0.00
1500m Mark Kell 5:12.90 SM Serpentine 65.8% 0.00
5000m Will Green 15:25.90 V35 Serpentine 85.2% 5.00
5000m Dave Morgan 15:29.70 SM Serpentine 81.5% 5.00
5000m Martin O'Connell 16:23.90 SM Serpentine 76.9% 0.00
5000m Andrew Taylor 18:53.10 SM Serpentine 67.0% 0.00
4x100m *Male  - Relay 49.50 2.00
- 4x100m(1) Richard Taylor 0.00 V35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(2) Roberto Filannino 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(3) David Robinson 0.00 V35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(4) Shenten Enoe 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Male  - Relay 3:58.80 3.00
- 4x400m(1) Roberto Filannino 55.10 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Martin O'Connell 1:01.40 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Nicola Barberis Negra 1:02.70 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Andrew Reeves 59.60 V40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 800g Shenten Enoe 47.50m SM Serpentine 48.2% 5.00
Javelin 800g Tony McGahan 25.22m V60 Serpentine n/a 3.00
Discus 2kg Peter Gibbons 24.79m V40 Serpentine 33.8% 4.00
Discus 2kg Tony McGahan 15.82m V60 Serpentine n/a 3.00
Shot 7.26kg Danny McIntosh 9.69m V50 Serpentine n/a 4.00
Shot 7.26kg Peter Gibbons 8.96m V40 Serpentine 40.4% 5.00
Shot 7.26kg Andrew Taylor 7.34m SM Serpentine 31.7% 0.00
Shot 7.26kg Alex Malzer 7.09m V40 Serpentine 33.0% 0.00
Shot 7.26kg Mark Kell 6.93m SM Serpentine 30.0% 0.00
Hammer 7.26kg Danny McIntosh 23.68m V50 Serpentine n/a 3.00
Hammer 7.26kg Tony McGahan 17.96m V60 Serpentine n/a 3.00
Hammer 7.26kg Alex Malzer 14.99m V40 Serpentine 19.7% 0.00
Long jump Shenten Enoe 5.78m SM Serpentine 64.6% 5.00
Long jump David Robinson 4.91m V35 Serpentine 58.3% 3.00
Triple jump Shenten Enoe 12.55m SM Serpentine 68.6% 5.00
Triple jump Richard Taylor 10.48m V35 Serpentine 59.3% 0.00
Triple jump David Robinson 10.37m V35 Serpentine 58.1% 3.00
High jump David Robinson 1.65m V35 Serpentine 71.7% 4.00
High jump Nicola Barberis Negra 1.50m SM Serpentine 62.8% 3.00
Pole vault Peter Gibbons 3.00m V40 Serpentine 54.6% 4.00
Pole vault Tony McGahan 2.20m V60 Serpentine 53.9% 5.00

Meeting conditions

Warm and sunny


Captain's Meeting Report

For the last SAL match, our Serpie team travelled to Braintree to
compete against Braintree & District, Ealing, Thurrock Harriers and
Orion. In spite of many regulars being on holidays, especially among the
ladies, and few last minute drop-outs, we still managed a record turnout
of 30 athletes and to score points in all events (second time this
year). We finished the day in second place (fifth second place in 2013)
behind Ealing and well ahead of Thurrock and Braintree.

Among the men, some great performances from the track to highlight are:
Will and Dave smashed the 5000m with new PBs, Roberto improved his SBs
and fought to win in all sprints (100, 200 and 400), David, Andy and
Richard "enjoyed" short and high hurdles, and Dani just back from injury
decided it was time to test his legs in all events longer than 400m.
From the field, we had a massive contribution from Shenten (who won LJ,
TJ and JT with an over 47m throw), a great comeback for Peter Gibbons in
the PV with a 3m and the usual consistent results from Tony, Danny and
Alex in the throws.

Our women once again faced hard competition, but did win several events:
the 3000m in particular was quite entertaining, with track newbie
Victoria Brown sitting on the shoulder of the Ealing runner up until the
last 400m ("Lisa told me not to overtake her, whatever happened" was the
justification, while from the side we were all wondering "Has Victoria
got a fast finish?") and then she did a "Farah" and took victory with a
swift last lap to finish 11 sec ahead of Ealing. Thanks also to Gen,
another debuttant, who gave her availability less than 48 hours before
the match due to a drop out and even enjoyed her first 3000m ever (at
least that what she said). We had some other great performances in the
sprint from Anna and Laura (who also set a new 400m club record), Pam
and Deedee enjoyed their daily heptathlon, Natasha and El jumped
everything and Mary had her usual full day of throws. We also had a
1-2-3 in the women 1500m steeplechase and Teri and Amy completed the
team with some throws+PV and 400+800m respectively.

Massive thanks also to our officials and helpers who made all the way to
Braintree with us: Ian Hodge, Sally Hodge, Bev Thomas, Sammi Li, Raoul
Mansukhani, Steph Vaatz (who also competed in a couple of events before
helping out with judging).

As mentioned, this was our last match of the season and we ended in
fifth position in the league Division 3, only two points away from
promotion (next year?). We are absolutely proud of this result, which is
probably one of the best league position for our T&F team in some years.
Full league results are available here
and ours shortly on
the Serpies website.

Thanks to all who came along during the spring/summer to compete, help
and/or officiate. We will celebrate the 2013 T&F achievements on
Wednesday 2nd October at the Duke of York near the Seymour Center and we
are looking forward to seeing most of you there for a drink or two.

Nick & Lisa

Meeting results:
Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 302
Serpentine 253
Thurrock Harriers 227
Braintree & District 162
Orion Harriers 0

Meeting helpers

Ian Hodge, Sally Hodge, Steph Vaatz, Sammy Li, Bev Thomas, Raoul Mansukhani

Result queries

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