Club Championship 1mile: 7 July 2004


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Scoring women

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Sarah Newton 6:12.00 FV45 Serpentine 75.7%
1mile Rachel Brough 6:32.00 SL Serpentine 63.7%
1mile Hilary Walker 6:58.00 FV50 Serpentine 69.2%

Scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Andrew Reeves 4:49.00 SM Serpentine 77.9%
1mile Ian Druce 5:06.00 SM Serpentine 73.4%
1mile Andrew Davies 5:08.00 SM Serpentine 72.9%
1mile Paul Fromme 5:11.00 SM Serpentine 72.2%
1mile Ruairi Maciver 5:14.00 V35 Serpentine 73.7%
1mile Adrian Jones 5:17.00 V35 Serpentine 73.0%
1mile Frank Markey 5:19.00 SM Serpentine 71.1%
1mile Andrew Maynard 5:26.00 V40 Serpentine 74.1%
1mile Gavin Edmonds 5:30.00 SM Serpentine 68.0%
1mile Brent Plump 5:32.00 SM Serpentine 67.7%
1mile Ian Hodge 5:53.00 V40 Serpentine 68.5%
1mile Lars Menken 5:57.00 SM Serpentine 62.9%
1mile Robert Maslen 6:01.00 V50 Serpentine 72.4%
1mile Steve Edwards 6:03.00 V45 Serpentine 68.6%
1mile Gordon Robertson 6:30.00 V40 Serpentine 62.0%
1mile Neil Davies 6:45.00 V35 Serpentine 58.0%
1mile Ian Hall 6:49.00 V50 Serpentine 62.9%

Non scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Paul Odonnell 5:35.00 V45 Trent Park RC 74.3%

Meeting conditions

Wet, windy, dull, cold


The Corporate Chase is cancelled, the ENO's Opera in Trafalgar Square is also cancelled but the Serpentine RC 1 Mile Club Championship goes ahead at Mile End Stadium!!!!!!!!!

21 Intrepid runners make their way to the stadium on time to start the race. One nameless person does not get there in time having spent an hour trying to find the stadium.

Because there were only 21 runners it was decided that we would have only two races Men's B and women and then a Men's A race.

In the Men's B race Ian Hodge led all the way to win the race in 5.53 followed by Lars in 5.57 (grunting his way to a 20 sec or so PB) and Rob Maslen in 6.01.

In the Ladies' race Sarah Newton also led from the start to win in 6.12 from Rachel Brough and El Presidente Hilary Walker.

The Men's race was dominated by the front running of Andy Reeves who took a grip of the race from the gun and finished 17 seconds clear of second in a very creditable time of 4.49 in very windy conditions. Second was Ian Druce in 5.06 followed by a very fast finishing Andy Davies in 5.08.

Meeting helpers

John Walker, Malcolm French, David Lipscomb, Paul Flood, Sally Hodge, Justin Lock, David Knight

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