Club Championship 1mile: 4 June 2003


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Scoring women

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Siri Terjesen 5:44.00 SL Serpentine 72.5%
1mile Sarah Newton 5:53.00 FV45 Serpentine 79.1%
1mile Sarah Edmunds 6:09.00 SL Serpentine 67.5%
1mile Paula Sadler 6:13.00 SL Serpentine 66.8%
1mile Angharad Lescott 6:50.00 SL Serpentine 60.9%
1mile Rachel Brough 6:52.00 SL Serpentine 60.6%
1mile Kathleen Broekhof 6:55.00 SL Serpentine 60.0%
1mile Jan Farmer 6:56.00 FV50 Serpentine 70.2%
1mile Beate Vogt 6:57.00 FV40 Serpentine 65.8%
1mile Rachel Broster 7:02.00 FV50 Serpentine 68.6%
1mile Tania Sulan 7:04.00 SL Serpentine 58.7%
1mile Juliet Collins 7:11.00 FV35 Serpentine 59.5%
1mile Sally Hodge 7:14.00 FV40 Serpentine 62.1%
1mile Carole Wisdom 7:40.00 FV45 Serpentine 60.1%
1mile Marianne Fryer 7:55.00 SL Serpentine 52.5%
1mile Tania Williams 8:08.00 SL Serpentine 51.0%

Scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Ebrima Noble 4:50.00 V35 Serpentine 78.7%
1mile David McGregor 4:51.00 V45 Serpentine 84.9%
1mile Stuart Bouveng 5:03.00 SM Serpentine 74.1%
1mile Paul Fromme 5:04.00 SM Serpentine 73.8%
1mile Andrew Davies 5:07.00 SM Serpentine 73.1%
1mile Charles Lescott 5:08.00 SM Serpentine 73.0%
1mile Andrew Maynard 5:10.00 V40 Serpentine 77.4%
1mile Ruairi Maciver 5:11.00 V35 Serpentine 73.9%
1mile Richard Melik 5:21.00 V35 Serpentine 72.6%
1mile Frank Markey 5:22.00 SM Serpentine 69.9%
1mile Anthony Stranger-Jones 5:25.00 V55 Serpentine 84.1%
1mile Neil Melville 5:29.00 V35 Serpentine 69.9%
1mile Tony Gould 5:32.00 SM Serpentine 67.8%
1mile Nick Slade 5:33.00 V35 Serpentine 68.6%
1mile Justin Lock 5:33.00 SM Serpentine 67.4%
1mile Phillip McCubbins 5:35.00 V40 Serpentine 72.7%
1mile Neville Chapman 5:39.00 SM Serpentine 66.2%
1mile Steve Edwards 5:41.00 V45 Serpentine 72.5%
1mile Christopher Lee 5:45.00 V40 Serpentine 68.5%
1mile Brian Pickles 5:46.00 V45 Serpentine 70.9%
1mile Ian Hodge 5:48.00 V40 Serpentine 68.9%
1mile Richard Stewart 5:52.00 SM Serpentine 63.9%
1mile Huw Keene 5:54.00 SM Serpentine 63.4%
1mile John Jarvis 6:01.00 V55 Serpentine 75.7%
1mile Eamonn Richardson 6:06.00 V40 Serpentine 66.5%
1mile Paul Flood 6:06.00 SM Serpentine 61.5%
1mile Robert Maslen 6:09.00 V50 Serpentine 70.3%
1mile Sam Hayter 6:10.00 V35 Serpentine 63.4%
1mile Lars Menken 6:13.00 SM Serpentine 60.2%
1mile David Street 6:15.00 V35 Serpentine 62.2%
1mile Ron Hagell 6:17.00 V55 Serpentine 71.8%
1mile Manuel Moreno 6:19.00 V55 Serpentine 72.1%
1mile Peter Grecian 6:22.00 V35 Serpentine 61.5%
1mile Brian Harris 6:25.00 V60 Serpentine 75.2%
1mile Robin Gray 6:36.00 SM Serpentine 56.7%
1mile Jon Knox 7:00.00 V35 Serpentine 55.9%
1mile Sid Wills 7:18.00 V60 Serpentine 64.8%
1mile Bob Davidson 7:30.00 V70 Serpentine 69.8%
1mile Ashok Jamdagni 7:31.00 V55 Serpentine 61.1%

Non scoring women

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Cindy McMorran 7:09.00 FV45 Serpentine 64.5%
1mile Paula Mitchell 7:53.00 FV35 Serpentine 55.6%

Non scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Demetrius Onoufriou 4:52.00 SM Serpentine 77.1%
1mile John Tilsley 5:09.00 V40 Serpentine 77.6%
1mile Martin Garrett 6:21.00 V45 Serpentine 66.4%
1mile Robert Beattie 6:26.00 V35 Serpentine 60.8%

Meeting conditions

Warm, sunny evening, with vigorous sprinklers


An excellent turnout for the mile club championship race.

In the women's race, Siri led from the front, setting a cracking pace that began to stretch the field. Sarah and Sarah both held on with courage but Siri's time - following a 35m run on Saturday - shows that she has speed as well as endurance.

The men's race was an exciting tactical race, with Demetrius, David and Pete swapping the lead throughout the race. Only on the final back straight did Pete move in to the lead, and any of the top three could have come through to win. Pete's determination and burst of finishing speed proved decisive.

Dave McGregor's consolation was taking the age-graded title, confirming his position at the top of the age-graded championship table for 2003. Anthony Stranger Jones is on his shoulder, however, and it is all to play for.

Meeting helpers

John Walker, Malcolm French, Ros Young, Grethe Petersen, David Lipscomb, Bev Thomas, Owen Barder

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