Southern Mens League Division 3: 1 August 2009

Battersea Park Track

Men and women:  Together
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110m hurdles Charles Lescott 22.60 SM Serpentine 56.6% 2.00
400m hurdles Charles Lescott 1:11.70 SM Serpentine 65.5% 1.00
200m Theodore Chen 30.70 V35 Serpentine 65.3% 1.00
400m Andy Robbins 59.30 V35 Serpentine 75.6% 1.00
400m Charles Lescott 1:01.90 SM Serpentine 70.3% 2.00
800m Theodore Chen 2:35.60 V35 Serpentine 65.2% 1.00
1500m Andy Robbins 4:29.60 V35 Serpentine 78.2% 2.00
Javelin 800g Peter Gibbons 31.02m V35 Serpentine 33.9% 1.00
Javelin 800g Danny McIntosh 29.75m V45 Serpentine 39.2% 3.00
Discus 2kg David Lipscomb 26.58m V45 Serpentine 37.7% 3.00
Discus 2kg Charles Lescott 14.04m SM Serpentine 19.0% 1.00
Shot 7.26kg Danny McIntosh 10.87m V45 Serpentine 55.7% 4.00
Shot 7.26kg Peter Gibbons 9.22m V35 Serpentine 40.3% 0.00
Shot 7.26kg Darren Over 7.51m V35 Serpentine 32.7% 2.00
Hammer 7.26kg Danny McIntosh 23.46m V45 Serpentine 34.0% 4.00
Hammer 7.26kg David Lipscomb 22.57m V45 Serpentine 30.8% 4.00
Long jump Peter Gibbons 4.58m V35 Serpentine 55.0% 1.00
Long jump Charles Lescott 4.45m SM Serpentine 50.7% 2.00
Pole vault Charles Lescott 2.00m SM Serpentine 33.1% 3.00


Match Result ;

1)South London Harriers 116pts
2)Medway and Maidstone 88.5pts
3)Horsham Blue Star 73.5pts
4)Serpentine 38pts

Meeting helpers

Poppy Lenton, Andrew Greenwood, Cat Elliott, Steph Vaatz, Cliff Hide, Jennifer Bradley, Monika Kiraly, Fiorella Fiore, Sarah Bell, Jennifer Marzullo, Claire Imrie, Lars Olsen, Claudio Bellotti, Brad Cobb, Darren Over, John Cullinane, Claire Levermore, Jane Tooley, Nick Eley, Kathleen Brady, David Lipscomb, Malcolm French, Catherine Sowerby, Grainne Devery, Nermeen Latif

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