BMAF Weights Pentathlon: 21 June 2009

Stantonbury Stadium, Purbeck, Milton Keynes, MK14

Men and women:  Together
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Javelin 700g Ashley Kibblewhite 32.20m V50 Serpentine 41.8% 459.00
Discus 1.5kg Ashley Kibblewhite 33.24m V50 Serpentine 44.9% 529.00
Shot 6kg Ashley Kibblewhite 10.84m V50 Serpentine 53.8% 633.00
Hammer 6kg Ashley Kibblewhite 27.17m V50 Serpentine 36.5% 377.00
Heavy hammer 11.34kg Ashley Kibblewhite 12.06m V50 Serpentine 51.9% 644.00

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