Best Road Running Performances

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Currently only club championship and marathon results are available prior to 1999.
Names shown in italics indicate 2nd claim results. Brackets indicate expired/lapsed membership.

All Men

Name Time Cat Series Date
10 km
Nicholas Torry 00:30:19 SM Bristol 10k 15/05/2011
Will Green 00:31:42 V35 Bristol 10k 15/05/2011
Hugh Torry 00:31:46 SM Bristol 10k 15/05/2011
Richard Phillips 00:31:54 V35 Bristol 10k 15/05/2011
(Aodh O Neill) 00:32:25 SM Bristol 10k 15/05/2011
(Fernando Del Valle) 00:32:56 SM San Silvestre Vallecana 10k 31/12/2010
(Eric Vamben) 00:33:08 V35 Summer League 10k 20/06/2010
(Darren McNeely) 00:33:12 SM Middlesex & Open 10k 05/09/2010
Andy Greenleaf 00:33:18 SM Summer League 10k 05/06/2011
Hendrik Zietsman 00:33:21 V40 Middlesex & Open 10k 05/09/2010