Serpentine Handicap Results: 5 July 2008

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Race conditions

wet registration, damp start, dry by race end


It looked it was going to rain. And it did. A lot. But it just about stopped by the time that race start came round. We had 83 runners.

The race was won in fine style by Abdulrashid Abdi, scoring a PB of over 2 and half minutes and an age-graded 77.2% (and the fastest outright time of the day). Second in was Abdi Dhuhulow, also PB'ing, and getting his highest ever age-graded score over any distance (and the second fastest outright time of the day), while third was Monica Kiraly (yes, a PB and an all-distances age graded best too). In fact the first seven all PB'd, as did 12 others - the full list is Abdi, Dhululow, Kiraly, Tamara Shaw, Helen Usborne, Stephane Schneider, Graham Carson, Kiera Davidson, Nick Fidler, Alessandro Poggi, Kathleen Brady, Simon Ludlam, Sarah Bell, John Smyth, Peter Bowles, Kath Qualtrough, Emma Danks, Ros Smith and Rita Mehta.

Graham Carson's PB and 7th place stretched his lead at the top of the Hogshead to 23 points. He now has 142, against Jane Harris at 119, Tom Donovan at 112 and Jeanette Mueller at 109. The top 4 have all run all 7 races so far this year and can only add one more "new" race, before they start to drop lower scores, making it harder to rack up big increments. So our full year medallists could well still come from a "hinterland" lower down the current table. For example Abdi Dhululow with only 4 races run is averaging a remarkable 26 points per race, against Graham at 20 points per race. Looking at the last ten years, on average, 8 scoring races at 22 points will get 3rd place overall, whereas winning the Hogshead itself needs an average of about 26 points.

The race was also notable for Eamonn Richardson's 200th appearance. Eamonn runs with the number 1 and his handicap chart looks like something from Tate Modern. We are left scratching our heads about what happened in April 1999 - did he get lost? His best age-graded handicap came in May 1987 (old course), with 73.7%, and a pace of 5.45 per mile. He has won four times (Nov-94, Nov-98, Jun-99, May-05). 200 handicaps - a truly remarkable achievement. And cracking cake and fizz too!

Thanks to all those who made the race possible today: George Allan, Mark Braley, Ann Foulds, Malcolm French, Green jacket bloke, Andrew Hibbert, Robert Howells, Jon Knox, Anthony Stranger Jones, Pam Storey, John Walker.

This was also John Walker's final "regular" appearance, but he's promised to return in September, wearing a shorts and a vest in order to run! In case you are wondering, there are no excuses and no exceptions, and although John did run in July 1999, his best in his last six dates back to April 1989 (yes, before the fall of the Berlin Wall!). He will therefore start on a totally unreasonable 24.15!