Serpentine Handicap Results: 6 March 2004

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Race photos

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Race conditions

Cold and windy


The winner of the March handicap is David Smart. He finished his 9th handicap race by running a pb by 57 sec. His age-graded performance has increased to 68.4% from the mid to low 60s over the past two years. Great performance.

In second place came Lynne Maughan. There was absolutely no sign of Lynne having run a 20-mile race less than a week before. She made a massive improvement in her pb by nearly one minute. It also looks as if Lynne ran an age-graded performance above 70 for the first time. Jon Knox finished third, also pb, He achieved 30 points for his performance which made him jump to second place in the Tom Hodgshed

Race helpers

Thanks to the helpers who turned up to help on the cold March morning; John Walker, Ron Hagell, Beate Vogt, Caroline Furze, Anthony Stranger-Jones, Andrew Blair-Smith, Jemima Johnston and Owen Barder. Also thank you to Bev who chased around North London to find and bring stakes for the finishing funnel; and to David Knight for the photos.